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Chinese Instant Messaging Software Goes Global

Tencent Holdings Limited announced the launch of their QQ International instant messenger product.

The international version, known as QQi 1.0, is now available in English, Japanese and French and is intended for users worldwide. The service is free of charge, free of ads and can be downloaded for Windows based PCs from the company. Additionally a light version of QQi with stripped down functions is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Apart from its core IM functionality, QQi offers its users a variety of free apps to explore anything China related from job opportunities, news or language learning tools, to events, travel deals, directories and videos. The service has already partnered with a range of large local partners, such as the top travel portal Ctrip.com or local news paper ChinaDaily.com and will in the future integrate more third party apps from local and global players.

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  1. Trizt says:

    There been international version of QQ client available for quite many years now, one of the more popular ones is kopete, which is part of the KDE desktop environment for Linux/Unix/microsoft windows(great replacement for those who don’t have a machine powerful to run aero, they will get far more nice visual effects which are smother too).

    I guess the opensource world is a better place than sitting and waiting for closed source solutions.

  2. B says:

    I think the larger implication is not what QQ can offer as an IM platform, but that Tencent is establishing its presence further overseas.

    Also, services such as online ticketing, news and job searching will be a good step in introducing Chinese online culture to other countries.

  3. d t says:

    Just use opensource like Adium!

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