Chinese classified information website has updated its mobile client from the 1.0 version to 2.0, aiming to provide users with a better mobile Internet experience.

Yang Haoyong, chief executive officer of, said that the company has invested a lot since the founding of its mobile Internet business department in September 2010. However, they did not expect to make a profit soon. The investment in the mobile Internet sector represents that is transforming into a mobile Internet company.

By updating to the 2.0 version,’s mobile client allows users to take pictures and post messages with one click. In addition, the new version adds two new functions, the subscribing mechanism and the personal center functions. With these new functions, the website will be able to further meet the personalized information management and address book needs of users. stated that the new version client features more accurate search and positioning, faster Internet speed, and less Internet traffic costs. It also has a new friend-making function, which is offered to users for free.

In September 2010, launched its mobile client for the first time and this product reportedly currently has over 20 million users.