International voice service giant Nuance, which supports Apple’s Siri speech recognition technology, is reportedly seeking a content cooperation partner in China to expand the speech recognition market.

Nuance, partner of Intel, Panasonic, and HTC, will choose a social networking partner this time to expand the application range of speech recognition, according to sources quoted in local Chinese media. After contacting several Chinese social networking companies, including Sina Weibo, their target was initially locked on The two companies have reportedly reached a framework cooperating agreement, under which will open its API to Nuance.

In addition, the insider revealed that Nuance and will implement an in-depth discussion about a future strategic product; however, no further information was disclosed.

So far, neither of the two parties gave any comment on the news.

As a leading global speech recognition software provider, Nuance’s businesses cover automobile, mobile phone, and the Internet sectors. Apart from Intel, Panasonic, and HTC, Apple’s Siri also partially depends on the technology of Nuance. Prior to this, Nuance’s partners in China included BYD and ZTE.