Alibaba has started testing its streaming video service named Tmall Box Office, which is a Netflix-style subscription video service.

The monthly subscription for the service costs CNY39 and the annual subscription is CNY365.

Alibaba revealed in June 2015 that the company would launch an online streaming video service which will include Chinese and foreign movies and TV shows as well as independent programs made by Alibaba.

Alibaba said that TBO is a little different from its competitors in China as 90% of the contents can only be watched after payment. Users can pay for a monthly or annual subscription or purchase by episode. Meanwhile, the remaining 10% will be provided for free. The company said that the positioning of TBO is to redefine family entertainment and become China's HBO or Netflix.

The launch of TBO will further intensify the competition in the Chinese online video market. Alibaba's major competitors in this sector include Tencent video, Iqiyi, Sohu video, and Letv. In addition, Netflix is considering entering the Chinese market.