Australia-based media monitoring tech company Isentia is losing one of its top executives in Asia. Danny Levinson, the Regional Director for Asia at the company, will reportedly be leaving the company at the end of June 2019.

Levinson’s tenure began at Isentia two years ago when the ASX-listed company acquired his Shanghai-based business China Newswire, a platform for news monitoring and distribution across Greater China. Levinson was based in China, and he reportedly resigned after his earn-out ended.

At Isentia, Levinson led the products, M&A integration, and general operations for Isentia’s 10 markets in Asia. Levinson has been in the media monitoring industry for over 20 years in Asia, having previously sold his other Chinese SaaS to Vocus/Cision in 2010, and he worked in Beijing for one of Asia’s oldest monitoring firms SinoFile in the late 1990s.