Unlike the lucky Americans, most other parts of the world do not get to watch Game of Thrones in peace. Because by the time Sunday night arrives in the US of A, it’s a dreaded Monday everywhere else. 

Now, there are two types of GoT fans, the ones who wake up in the wee hours of Monday to watch the latest episode and the others who spend the day avoiding the first kind. 

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When GoT first became a thing eight years ago, at least in India we would have to wait for pirated torrents (ahem!), Twitter was less twittery and all of us would have to wait a day or so to watch a good print of an episode. But now, thanks to Hotstar screening it as the same time as the US, people are waking up before sunrise to watch the latest episodes before going to work (who are you people? what do you eat? how do you do this? do you sleep at all?) But for others, GoT Mondays feel like playing day-long dodgeball with friends, colleagues and social media to avoid spoilers. 

The second kind of GoT fans do appear on Twitter, however, to express their feelings as GoT trends take over their timelines. 

Here are the many feelings that they feel on Mondays. 


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