Each Facebook user in Asia generates $11 of advertising revenue a year, compared with $112 for a North American one
Many #Facebook users don’t understand how the site’s news feed works. Older users are especially likely to say this.
With the exception of YouTube, no other major social media platform comes close to #Facebook in terms of usage
In Pics: No more pre-installed #Facebook apps on #Huawei #smartphones
Hunting For Giants — WSJ -2- #Facebook #Stock #MarketScreener
KEYWORDS : Why Free Is Too High a Price for -2- #Facebook #Stock #MarketScreener
Please follow me on #Facebook & tell me so I can follow you back!
Hawaiians decry #Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s alleged attempt to expand estate
If you like #Facebook – You will LOVE Britanniacomms JOIN US! nology
Don’t give the seller the price they are asking for, instead make an offer based on research, facts, and calculations. #richdad
The pig virus can live in your pepperoni or salami for up to 30 days, frozen meat for 104 days and in Parma ham for nearly 400 days
Majority of bitcoin trading is a hoax, a study finds.
Hong Kong is the only place on Chinese soil where massive demonstrations, featuring chants and banners denouncing the central government in Beijing, are tolerated. But for how much longer?
G-20 nations agree to find a way to tax technology giants, whose digital business models have grown faster than systems to tax them via @economics #tictocnews
America’s new economic weapons exploit its role as the nerve centre of the global economy
People in these 10 states are the unhappiest in the U.S. via @CNBCMakeIt
If senior managers are not committed to a caring atmosphere, no amount of discussion or programming will help
The Philippines has too many mangoes
[email protected] is proud to bring more attention to gun violence awareness by lighting up HQ in orange this weekend. #WearOrange


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