“India won the toss and have decided to swim first.”

Both India and New Zealand have remained unbeaten in the ongoing World Cup tournament with two and three victories to their names respectively but the clear winner that has emerged in the past couple of weeks has to be the frustrating rains.

After Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka joining West Indies v South Africa and Sri Lanka vs Pakistan in the match abandoned club, the rain gods didn’t show much mercy in the much-anticipated India-New Zealand clash in Nottingham at Trent Bridge on Thursday. Unfortunately, this contest, too, was a washout and the rain topped the points table with 8 points. As for India and NZ, both the teams had to settle with 1 point each.

Such was the curiosity about the weather among fans in India, typing the letter “N” on the Google search threw “Nottingham weather” results right back at you.

Despite fearing the worst, the anxious cricket fans back in India took cover under memes and some much-needed humour.


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