Tony Luciano RT @DaisyFuentes: It took Trump two days to sign an executive order after twitter fact checked him. Yet he let 70 days go by after he was w… 2 minutes ago


Anthony Pfohl Trump signs executive order aimed at social media companies after fuming over fact-check https://t.co/qdFEfUSBye via @nbcnews 2 minutes ago


Texas Truth RT @daisyinthehouse: 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Meanwhile…. an Executive Order on its way! 😁😁😁 Can’t Make This Up! Twitter Removes Fact Check from Preside… 3 minutes ago


cat koehn RT @mayawiley: Dictators use executive power to squash free speech. Remember that: “#Trump signs executive order aimed at social media comp… 8 minutes ago


Mike RT @aliasvaughn: After a painfully slow response to the COVID crisis that has now claimed more than 100k American lives, Trump moved with g… 8 minutes ago


Joel RT @BlueSea1964: 🚨Can’t Make This Up! Twatter Removes Fact Check From President Trump’s Tweet After It Was Revealed To Be Fake News!! #Blu… 9 minutes ago


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