NEW DELHI. Four members of the Sikh community are among those who killed in the mass shooting at the FedEx facility in Indianapolis on Thursday night by a gunman identified as 19-year old Caucasian youth Brandon Scott Hole.

US President Joe Biden, who is faced with yet another mass shooting on his watch, called the Indianapolis massacre that killed at least eight people in total as a “national embarrassment”.
Hole was a former employee of the FedEx facility that employed a large number of Sikh workers and he was already on the FBI radar, although authorities said he had “no racially motivated violent extremism ideology” when they interviewed him in 2020.
However, many Twitter users believed that the mass shooting was yet another racist attack faced by Sikhs living in US.

‘Label it as a hate crime’

‘90% of the Fedex employee at the facility are Sikhs’

‘There is a history of violence against Sikh community in US’

There were others who questioned hypocrisy of ‘liberals’ and accused them of outraging on a hate crime only on the basis of the race of the shooter.

There were calls for gun reform.

Akali Dal spokesman Manjinder Singh Sirsa also reacted.

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