1. The Eastern Olympics Dai Ziying incident is not resolved. Xie Shuwei’s Facebook launches the Internet Association in the early morning: there is a sense of the Rio Olympics. | Apple News | Apple Daily Taiwan Apple Daily
  2. East Olympics” sister was selected for the competition but did not have a coach certificate Xie Shuwei re-posted to the Tennis Association Liberty Times Electronic Bulletin
  3. Xie Shuwei’s winning rate is 100% “Olympic tragic stuck”. The net questioned: Is it not enough to humiliate a ball? Yahoo News
  4. “Isn’t it enough to humiliate one?” The net rolls out the conspiracy theory after naming one more goal: being deliberately blocked ETtoday News Cloud
  5. The Olympic Committee “tender document” is exposed! I knew that the players were in economy class… “Tennis Sister” is absent from the Eastern Olympics… Someone is doing tricks? Xie Shuwei’s parents broke the inside story alone! -【This! Not the essence of news]20210720-3 This! Not news
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