1. Wu Jialang’s jersey turmoil︱ Mu Jiajun’s Weibo response: He was completely denied the “tortoise” by Huang Ren Hong Kong 01
  2. [Jersey Disturbance]Ma Fengguo supports Wu Jialang’s over 40,000 netizens to apologize to Mu Jiajun’s “Pai Ma” Huang Guojian Yahoo Hong Kong News
  3. Mu Jiajun criticizes Wu Jialang netizens to denounce Yang Runxiong: If complaints are received, they will follow up-20210727-Hong Kong News Ming Pao News Network
  4. [Tokyo Olympics]Stirring up Wu Jialang’s jersey, Mu Jiajun latched onto FB and changed Weibo to Weibo: Emergency closed due to being kicked off | Position Report | Position News Position news
  5. Wu Jialang’s jersey turmoil retired from the Hong Kong team cycling representative wrote to the Education Bureau to complain about Mu Jiajun’s violation of ethics Hong Kong 01
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