Six militant organisations and one individual, operating or active in Bangladesh, were found in Facebook’s secret blacklist of “dangerous individuals and organisations (DIO)”.

Those are – Al Mursalat Media and Islamic State Bangladesh, which are affiliated with Islamic State; Harakat ul-Jihad I Islami – Bangladesh and Ansarullah Bangla, which are affiliated with al Qaeda Central Command; Jamaat Ul Mujahideen Bangladesh; Saham al Hind Media, which is affiliated with Jamaat Ul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB); and Tariqul Islam who is also affiliated with JMB. 

Facebook revealed a list of over 4,000 individuals and groups that the company considers “dangerous”, which even includes charities, hospitals, writers, hundreds of music acts, politicians, and deceased historical figures. 

For several years, Facebook has put its users in quite an undoable situation by restricting them from posting about individuals and groups that it says promote violence. 

After being compelled by an array of legal scholars and civil libertarians repeatedly, Facebook has finally let off its users from this impossible position by publicly identifying individuals and groups that it identifies as dangerous. 

The DIO list that was released for the convenience of Facebook users, to prevent having their posts deleted or their account disabled for expressing their thoughts on someone, has rather proved to be an eye-opener for the masses.


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