Indian Destinations

Travel is opening up around the world, and with that, our Instagram feeds are now blessed with photos of other people exploring new and exclusive destinations. destinations in India.

From flowery landscapes to snow-capped mountain ranges, there is no shortage of enchanting destinations in the country, especially for those who need to make a quick getaway and explore the best destinations.

To help you bring your feed to life, EaseMyTrip stores a list of some of the most beautiful destinations that will make your Instagram feed jealous:

* Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

Popular for its picturesque mountain ranges, coniferous landscapes, and 400-year-old monasteries adorned with colorful Tibetan flags, the picturesque town of Tawang is considered one of the most sensible Instagram-worthy destinations, not only for those who need to honor their food in aesthetic posts, but also for those who need to make a stopover at a destination with good looks and history based on common herbs. The city is also home to one of the largest and oldest monasteries in India, dating back to 1680. This destination is especially best for those who want to spend a vacation and explore exclusive hiking trails like Gorichen Peak, which offers travelers amazing 360-degree perspectives of Tawang.

Installation location: GadenNamgyalLhatse (Tawang Monastery)

* Munnar, Kerala

Located in the Idukki district of Kerala, Munnar is a picturesque destination straight out of a fairy tale. This picturesque mountain hotel is a romantic paradise located at the confluence of 3 mountain streams. Among the notable attractions, the Neelakurinji, which blooms once every 12 years, is a sight to behold, as those infrequent and exclusive flowers feature a picturesque blue and purple landscape in contrast to the green hills of Munnar. Tea plantations, Lakkam waterfalls and Eravikulam National Park are must-see destinations for those who need to explore the exclusive and charming attractions of the mountain hotel and upload more color to their Instagram account.

Location worthy of Insta: Neelakurinji Bloom Hills

* Krem Liat Prah, Megalaya

From dazzling blue pools to bright stalagmites, the exclusive caves located in KremLiatPrah make the traveler feel as if they are visiting a destination straight out of a fantasy novel. KremLiatPrah is one of the longest herb caves in South Asia and is interconnected with over 150 caves. to awaken the explorer in you. However, the caves can only be explored with a cave guide and delight, the day, to actually delight in the beauty of this exclusive destination. Winter is the peak productive season to notice the vast expanses of cherry blossoms that bloom at this time of year. KremLiatPrah is one of the most remote destinations in Meghalaya, so pre-booking a bus or taxi to succeed at your destination from Shillong is considered the most productive option.

Location worthy of Insta: Krem Dam Caves

* Thiksey, Leh

Thiksey in Leh is a destination that is certainly becoming an instant favorite, especially with the concept of glamping at the forefront of reporting here. Although there are only quick months of the year when tourists who make a stopover can enjoy the views, the photographs clicked here are safe. to last a lifetime. Chamba Camp in particular is a luxury glamping site that offers some of the most productive setting for panoramic views. When you make a stopover in Thiksey, decide to stay in one of the local luxury tents, creating an exclusive wild camping experience. October is one of the most productive times to stop at this destination due to the ThikseyGustor festival, which gives visitors an exclusive insight into the ritual life of the other Tibetan peoples and the culture that has been preserved for centuries in this region.

Insta Location: Camp Chamba

* Kutch, Gujarat

Aptly named the “white desert of India,” Kutch is an exclusive destination that exudes an unheard of surreal feeling and will add a touch of flavor to its flow. The vast and vast desert of white salt combined with a starry sky in the background is sure to make you appreciate the resulting images. The Rann Festival in particular is one of the most popular and instagrammable events, as the many attractions and stalls installed here bring a touch of color to an environment in a different and pristine way. One of the attractions of this festival is also the hot air balloon flight that is presented to visitors, giving them an exclusive bird’s eye view of the vast salt marshes emblematic of this region. Kutch is also known for housing Gujarat’s only tent town, whose notable attractions are the vast levels of white shops and tents, as well as the outstanding statue of unity.

Location worthy of Insta: RaanUtsav (Tent City)

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