The rapid price increases of cryptocurrencies, but also the increase in oil and electricity prices and the decline in demand for computer components gave rise to a sharp drop in sales of video cards. There is no doubt the situation will change in the next few weeks and months.

The prices on video cards in the Russian retail market continue to fall; in other markets there’s a big collapse. For example, take photos or streams from Asia, where eCafe (Internet-cafés with a computer games room) are trying to sell video cards by hundreds or even thousands.

Somewhere, eCafe abandoned the tradition completely due to the coronavirus pandemic and turned its systems around for the Ethereum mining. Unfortunately, with the removal of many vested rights, some Chinese regions continued to enforce lockdowns or limit the format of such establishments, which put up with the popular eCafe culture in Asia. Mining has become an important factor in success. The future of the cryptocurrencies and the prices for electricity will be a sprite factor.

In Baidu, China, there are a lot of screenshots of the streams that show the sale of hardware in eCafe.

Thus, the market for video cards is changing many times in China. In Russia, ad-supported advertising is becoming increasingly attractive. If you need a new video card, then you can buy them at very expensive prices, sometimes less than recommended ones.

In the second half of this year, the Ethereum network moves from an existing Proof of Work (PoW) to a Proof of Stake (PoS). This is a result of the fork, but some of the networks are going to remain on PoW, but the GPU era ends there. Another sign that miners are losing their interest in donating their computing power is to show up at the hash rate of the network. According to, the hashrate has risen to 950 a day since mid-May. This is the first time since May last year when the hash rate has fallen quickly to 500 a day, but it began to rise.

The coming weeks will show where the market is going to go. The sales of video cards are in much more and more in China than in Russia.


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