Meta confirmed it teamed up with DoorDash to enable deliveries of Facebook Marketplace purchases.

DoorDash drivers can now deliver items purchased from Facebook Marketplace thanks to a new partnership made between the delivery service and Meta, Facebook’s parent company. A person familiar with the deal said it was an attempt to get more users, especially the younger generation to use Meta’s Facebook, which has seen a decline in usage among youth thanks to a steep competitor such as TikTok.

DoorDash, on the other hand, sees this as an opportunity to expand deliveries beyond food, the Wall Street Journal reported. Both DoorDash and Facebook said they tested the service in a number of cities in America in the recent months and said that the partnership is still in its early stages.

How Does DoorDash for Facebook Marketplace Work?

DoorDash will now help the social media platform’s users purchase and receive items from Facebook Marketplace without having to leave their homes. DoorDash will be able to deliver items that fit in a car trunk and are within 15 miles. Deliveries will be handled with 48 hours.

Engadget reported that the feature is currently free to entice customers to use it, but it is unclear how charges will apply later on. Meta is hopeful that the effort will encourage more young users to come back to the social media platform.

Study Confirms Young People Have Left Facebook for TikTok

Facebook has recently seen a decline in popularity among the youth thanks to the popular video app, TikTok. A recent report released by the Pew Research Center’ titled “Teens, Social Media and Technology” revealed that among internet users aged 13 to 17, only 32% said they ever use Facebook. Popular Science reported that it was a more than 50% decline from the estimated 71% usage back in 2014 to 2015.

For Gen Z users, TikTok remains the app to be, with 67% of responders in the survey admitting they frequently use the app. Instagram, which is also owned by Meta, and Snapchat, also saw significant usage increases in the last eight years.

Facebook Tries to Keep Up with TikTok

In July, Facebook announced it was overhauling the design of the app by focusing on content from creators over posts from friends and family in a bid to compete with the giant video app TikTok. Facebook said that the Home screen will now display more content from outside creators in the form of Reels and its Stories, the disappearing video and photo sharing service similar to Instagram’s, the Washington Post reported.

Facebook users who are more interested in recent posts from family, friends, and favorite pages will have to go to the new Feeds tab to see those content. But users can create a Favorites list of people and groups they want to see content from.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg explained that the social media platform’s “discovery engine” will recommend content to users, while the Feeds tab enables users to customize and control their experience. Meta has been aggressively investing in their video products to compete for the attention of the youth, most of which is being directed to TikTok.


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