Aiken Digital has come on board MARKETING-INTERACTIVE’s Digital Marketing Asia 2022 as the headline sponsor and will be taking the stage on 17 November 2022.

Over the last 10 years, Aiken Digital has helped clients thrive by embracing Asia’s unique digital landscape and adapting its brand strategy to the world’s most dynamic region of customers. Aiken Digital is the regional digital agency for global brands including Mastercard, Ninja Van and L’Oreal, working on a range of projects from AI marketing automation to live selling production.

“We are looking forward to participating in Digital Marketing Asia 2022 and having the opportunity to meet the delegates face to face post the COVID situation,” said Kenneth Chiew, general manager of Aiken Digital. He added that there will be plenty of exciting topics for delegates coming for Digital Marketing Asia as both digital and eCommerce technologies are moving at breakneck speed.

“How can brands explore the Web 3.0 space and discover the value chain for their customers? How can the rise of live-streaming commerce give an added dimension to social commerce? We are keen to share our thoughts with the delegates on all these topics and have a productive discussion with them,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to connecting face-to-face at Digital Marketing Asia for the first time in more than two years. At our session, we want to inspire audiences by sharing how marketers around the region are working with super apps to create new brand experiences,” said Chiew added.

When asked what some of the biggest changes next year will bring about, Chiew is of the view that short-form videos and live-streaming will see exponential growth. Similarly to the rise of Facebook or Instagram, it has taken brands some time to master how to market on those channels and analyse the data from them.

“But the market is now ready and we believe TikTok is here to stay and brands need to adapt fast to stay relevant to their customers. Brands will need to cater for the hyper frequency of producing short-form videos / live streaming content while finding new ways to analyse the data coming from them,” he added.

About Aiken Digital

Aiken Digital is a network of companies designed to bridge the gap between the world’s biggest brands and their next generation of growth through technology. Aiken Digital believe that Asia will lead the next wave of innovation in consumer marketing and e-commerce which is why Aiken Digital has five strategically positioned offices across the region ensuring clients never miss a beat. Aiken Digital’s style is to mix experimentation and execution to build truly unique solutions for clients that achieve more than PR headlines but create truly sustainable growth.

About Digital Marketing Asia

Digital Marketing Asia is MARKETING-INTERACTIVE’s flagship conference. Broken into three themes Digital Customer Experience, Marketing Analytics, and Social Commerce, each theme will offer the opportunity to learn the secrets from the region’s most senior and successful digital marketing leaders.

Digital Marketing Asia 2022 will be taking place live in Marina Bay Sands Singapore on 15-17 November 2022. Take home exclusive insights shared by the hottest regional and global brands, countless face-to-face networking opportunities, hyper-focused presentation topics across the 6 tracks, and deep dive into real-life marketing wins, engaging thought leadership discussions and more.

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