Adventure sports have become immensely popular over the years and the cliff swing is the most recent one to make it to the list. As the name suggests, cliff swinging requires one to get on a swing seat that goes over a cliff before returning to its original position.

The Terror-dactyl cliff swing that goes over the edge of a 200-foot cliff in Williams Canyon, USA, and a swing perched on the top of a 700-metre cliff in China’s Chongqing are some of the most popular cliff swings in the world. Both of these have had weight and height requirements for the participants.

Now, a video of cliff swinging is going viral across social media. The seven-second-long video shows how the massive swing goes over a deep cliff and covers a large area within seconds. It is unclear when and where this video was shot.

It was shared on Twitter by Overtime (@overtime) on November 10, garnering over three lakh views so far. While many thrill-seeking individuals expressed their wish to go on the ride, others commented how the activity seemed too risky to be enjoyable.

The fears of such swings malfunctioning are not unfounded. In July 2021, two women sustained injuries after the chains of their cliff swing snapped. Fortunately, they were not gravely hurt as their fall was broken by a wooden panel located just beyond the cliff edge.