As China is facing a massive surge in Covid-19 cases, there are nearly 23.8 million people over the age of 60 who have yet to receive their first jab of the Covid-19 vaccine as per the media reports.

The South China Morning Post reports that although China increased its immunisation campaigns as it lifted its zero-Covid policy, the vaccination rate for the elderly is alarmingly low. According to the report, the vaccination rate dropped to “just 42.4 per cent for those aged 80 and over.”

The senior citizens of China having other ailments are more concerned about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. However, vaccination seemed less urgent for many elderly people, especially those residing in the country’s vast hinterland, and they lacked the motivation to get the Covid-19 jabs.

“Some villagers complained of bad coughs, headaches and sore arms after being forced to accept their first shot, and after browsing alarmist posts about vaccine risks on social media platforms were more reluctant to get jabbed again,” the report mentioned.

A second Covid booster drive has now been launched in China for high-risk populations, including such individuals who are older than 60 or have a weakened immune system.

Chinese officials estimate that within the first 20 days of December, about 250 million people (18 per cent of the population) got infected with Covid-19 after Beijing abruptly lifted the restrictions that had kept the disease under control for almost three years.