China warns US of consequences over its commitment to Taiwan

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. AFP.

Beijing: China has warned the United States that it could face consequences over its commitment to Taiwan, with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi claiming that the US “has stubbornly continued to see China as its primary competitor,” and because of which, “China-US relations were plunged into serious difficulties.”

In a video message to a symposium on the international situation and China’s foreign relations held in Beijing, Wang Yi also criticised US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August.

“Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan in August was in disregard of China’s stern warning,” the Chinese foreign minister said.

Wang Yi further said Beijing has “taken firm and resolute measures, which have strongly deterred anti-China elements in the US and the ‘Taiwan independence’ forces.”

Talking about China-Russia relationship, Wang Yi said the two countries will “deepen strategic mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation.”

He also mentioned normalisation of bilateral ties between China and Japan. “The two countries need to take history as a mirror, treat each other with sincerity,” Wang Yi added.

The Chinese foreign minister said that it’s important for Tokyo and Beijing to “steer the course of the bilateral relations from a strategic perspective.”

‘Stop old routine of unilateral bullying’

During a telephone call with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken last week, Wang Yi said that the US must stop its “old routine of unilateral bullying”.

The Chinese foreign minister also accused the US to suppress China’s development.

“US must pay attention to China’s legitimate concerns,” Wang Yi said and warned Washington against trying to challenge China’s red lines using “salami slicing” tactics.

China considers Taiwan its own territory and believes the US is slowly chipping away at its core interests and challenging its bottom line while being careful to avoid a single drastic action that could give China a clear reason to react with full force.

Earlier, Biden raised objections to China’s “coercive and increasingly aggressive actions towards Taiwan”. The US President said that it has undermined peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and in the broader region, and jeopardised global prosperity.

China’s ‘largest incursion’ in Taiwan

As many as 71 Chinese air force aircrafts which included fighter jets and drone entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone in the past 24 hour, which Taiwanese government terming it to be the largest reported incursion to date.

This is part of China’s biggest display of its military might near Taiwan since the Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island nation.

The Ministry of Defence, Taiwan, said the group included 47 Chinese military aircraft that had crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait and entered Taiwan’s southwest air defense identification zone in a 24-hour period through 6 am Monday.

China also sent seven naval vessels near the island, the ministry added.

Meanwhile, the Beijing said that the drills showed that China was destroying regional peace and trying to intimidate people of Taiwan.

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