WATCH: Amid COVID crisis, Chinese couple uses 'unique' plastic cover to shield their body during shopping

Screenshot taken from video. Twitter/ @umashankarsingh

At a time when China is facing an alarming spike in coronavirus cases, it seems like COVID hacks are also back on the internet and people are back to experimenting with different ideas to beat the deadly virus. One such video has started making rounds on social media, leaving viewers impressed and surprised at the same time. The video is from a vegetable market in China where a couple was spotted using a unique type of shield for just their face but for their entire body. While they were seen buying vegetables and groceries in a crowded market, the ‘protective’ shield helped them keep up a barrier with others and further prevented them from getting infected.

The video was shared by a user named Umashankar Singh with a caption reading, “Such measures are being adopted in China to avoid corona infection.”

As the 30-second video plays, the couple can be seen in the market with a plastic sheet that they modified with the help of an umbrella. The shield was prepared in such a manner that it covered the couple from head to toe and also had adequate space inside for them. For buying items, the woman can be seen pulling out her hand slightly from the cover and further taking the parcel. The same is also done for making payments. After completing their work, the couple walks away at the end.

The unique idea has grabbed the attention of social media users. Many took to the comment section and shared their response. A user wrote, “Fascinating but from the legside gap, the virus may attack,” while another person joked over it and commented, “That umbrella is nice, very useful for Mumbai rains. Is it available in India?”

Notably, the video was first posted by People’s Daily China.

COVID situation in China

As per the latest reports, China is presently facing its worst nightmare with the coronavirus cases affecting millions of people already. With a massive number of COVID cases being recorded every day, the healthcare infrastructure has also been severely overburdened.

A Financial Times report has said that the country has reported around 37 million infections on 23 December alone, leaving people worried about the situation. While the rate of COVID spread is drastically rising in China, the government is yet to give an official statement on this, though the situation has already made other countries concerned about coronavirus transmission in their countries.

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