Year Ender 2022: Some bizarre incidents that made it to the headlines this year

Toxic spinach made people hallucinate. Image courtesy:

As 2022 draws to its end, it is the right time to recall that the year was very busy with global attention divided among several major events happening in the world. While we witnessed historic incidents and big happenings making it to the headlines every other day, there was also no shortage of bizarre happenings that left people scratching their heads in total confusion.

Starting from ‘toxic spinach’ making people hallucinate to individuals winning huge lotteries, many such stories made it to the news, leaving the world stunned and surprised.

Let’s take a look:

Toxic spinach made people hallucinate
Recently, a shocking news incident came to light from Australia where several people reported having hallucinations and blurred vision after consuming a ‘toxic spinach’. People in around four states consumed spinach contaminated with some unknown toxin which further led to such consequences.

Man won $100,000 in lottery
This incident came from Wisconsin in the US where a man casually purchased a lottery ticket during his grocery shopping. While he didn’t expect any big outcomes, the purchase came out as a game-changer as the man won the lottery of $107,000.

Odd-looking fish washed up on an Australian beach
Back in April this year, a photo went viral on the internet where many claimed it was about a ‘human-looking’ animal washing up on a seashore in Australia. This reportedly took place at Bondi Beach when a man named Drew Lambert discovered the creature and also posted its picture on social media.

Sheep moving strangely in rounds for several days
Another piece of news that came from China’s Inner Mongolia region was a group of sheep seen making an entire flock walk in a circle non-stop for several days. While the video of the incident went viral on the internet, it also left people wondering about the reason behind such a freak show.

There are many other events that took place throughout the year and definitely grabbed our attention.

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