Parents sacrifice a lot for their children. From sleep, and time to money, everything goes on a major toss when it comes to taking care of kids. At times, children tend to forget how much effort their parents put in, to give them a better life. Recently, one such initiative was taken in a school, supposedly in China, where students were shown how their fathers have to toil hard for earning bread and butter. The video was shared on Twitter by the user handle @drvknarayan.

The fathers in the clip can be seen engaged in tedious and manual jobs like construction work, which included lifting an enormous pile of bricks. Others were seen employed in other hazardous professions like sewage cleaners and factory workers, where they had to work without any safety gear. Children couldn’t help but control their tears while watching these heart-wrenching visuals of their parents.

In the caption, it was written that the aforementioned video is from Japan where students were shown how parents have to put in a lot of effort for their studies. The message behind showing this video to students was that they should realise this and devote themselves sincerely towards studies. Social media users have appreciated the clip and wrote that similar work should be followed in India as well.

One user clarified some of the crucial things regarding this video. According to him, this video is from China, not Japan which can be understood by the Chinese flag and Mandarin script in the video. The school uniform worn by the children and their red scarf also gives a clear indication that this video is from China.

Also, he had a different point of view towards the message given in this video. The user wrote that this video shows how the government has failed in procuring well-paying jobs for its citizens. Instead of a good message, it is the Chinese government’s propaganda.

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