Tokyo Governor asks people to wear a polo neck to cut climate emissions, save power

Tokyo Governer Yuriko Koike

New Delhi: Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike called on the public to wear a polo neck and keep warm during the winter months and urged her staff to set an example.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post, “Metropolitan government officials are showing their solidarity with her campaign by slipping into an item of clothing – also known as the turtleneck – that became iconic decades ago. The so-called Beatnik generation and stars including actress Audrey Hepburn helped to popularise it, followed by the likes of Apple boss Steve Jobs.”

A spokesman for the metropolitan government said that previous energy-saving campaigns like the ‘Cool Biz’ initiative has proved so successful that the city was seeking new ways to cut energy consumption and emissions.

What was the ‘Cool Biz’ initiative?

The initiative encouraged people to ditch formal ties and jackets for open-neck, short-sleeve shirts in the steamy summer months.

‘Cool Biz’ had become perfectly acceptable in previously strait-laced Japanese business circles since it was first dreamed up in 2006, the polo neck is likely to become a perennial winter fashion statement.

Despite Governor Koike’s appeals to the public, there do not appear to be more polo neck jumpers on the streets of Tokyo than in previous years. Japan’s winter weather has so far been unseasonably warm and scarves have long been popular to keep necks warm.

Meanwhile, the world has been facing an energy crisis with a consistent rise in oil prices. The global energy crisis is a result of a cascade of issues faced by different countries over the years.

The reasons for this power crunch are— Pandemic, Greenflation, geopolitics, and so on.

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