Viral video: Egg yolk instantly freezes after being cracked in China's Mohe amid 'lowest-ever' temperature

Egg yolk instantly freezes after being cracked in China’s Mohe amid ‘lowest-ever’ temperature. Screengrab from a viral Twitter video

At a time when China’s northernmost city of Mohe battles with chilling weather after recording its lowest-ever temperature following a week-long cold spell, an unbelievable video has now surfaced on the internet which shows an egg freezing within seconds after it was cracked open outdoors. Shared on social media by Now This News, the video has grabbed a lot of attention and left people wondering. It is pertinent to note that Mohe, a city in China’s Heilongjiang province witnessed its temperatures falling to minus 53 degree Celsius on Sunday, 22 January and between minus 58 degree Celsius and minus 63 degree Celsius on Tuesday, 24 January.

Meanwhile, the video gaining traction on social media shows a journalist attempting to break a raw egg in an outdoor setting. As the clip plays, the woman can be heard stating that the lowest temperature in Mohe has reached more than -50 degrees Celsius. To check the cold, she brought an egg and tried cracking it on a shovel placed outside. To her surprise, the egg froze instantly after it hit the surface. While the egg white turned completely frozen and white, it also formed an ice crystal.


The post also noted that the temperatures in Mohe, China is one of the coldest temperatures recorded in human history. Social media users also took to the comment section and shared their reactions. Some also wondered how the woman didn’t wear gloves to protect her hands from the cold.

China records lowest ever temperature

Breaking its own record, China’s northernmost city, Mohe, recorded temperatures over -50C. The temperature has been the same for the past three days while experts call the cold spell ‘unprecedented’.

The Chinese meteorological bureau further also reported that twelve other weather stations in Heilongjiang have recorded temperatures close to or below their own low-temperature records in the past weekend, as reported by TheIndependent.

Concerning the same, a ‘blue alert’ has also been issued for the cold wave further forecasting major temperature drops and gales in the coming days.

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