China restaurant serves 'liquid detergent' in place of juice; 7 hospitalised

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It is quite common for restaurants to get mixed up with customer orders and as a result, they often end up serving the wrong dish to the wrong tables. But how would you feel if you are served ‘liquid soap’ to drink instead of something actually edible? Yes, it’s true. This was indeed the case at a restaurant in China where a group of customers ordered fruit juice but were served liquid detergent to drink, causing them to fall sick.

The incident took place at a restaurant in China’s Zhejiang province on 16 January 2023 where a group of seven was dining together. As reported by South China Morning Post (SCMP), Sister Wukong, who came with her family and friends for dinner, consumed the liquid detergent after mistaking it for juice.

In a now-deleted video, the woman claimed a waiter placed a bottle on their table that they mistook for fruit juice. Her husband took the first sip and informed the group about its ‘bitter and weird’ taste. Others also said the same.

“I took one sip and my throat felt very bad immediately,” Wukong added. Realising the blunder immediately, all of them were rushed to the hospital where they got their stomachs pumped (a medical process in which doctors empty the contents of your stomach in case of emergencies).

Speaking on the same, Wukong as cited by SCMP said, “All of us dined together and are now lying here. We all had to have our stomachs pumped. The waitress also admitted her mistake saying that she was inexperienced and had an eyesight problem. She also said that it is not her daily duty to work at the restaurant and was just helping out for the day.”

Notably, all seven people are in stable condition and might seek compensation from the restaurant for the blunder.

While the woman’s video is not available anymore, it did catch the attention of social media users who shared their shocking reactions to the incident.

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