A PET guru has listed the three small dog breeds that are perfect additions to your family – and one of them loves cuddles.

From the adorable sausage dogs to the more loyal golden retriever, there are dozens of dog breeds to choose from but if you want something smaller that isn’t going to nip your ankles 24/7 look no further as an expert has revealed top three best choices.

The whizz has trained numerous dog breeds - and there are three he's particularly fond of


The whizz has trained numerous dog breeds – and there are three he’s particularly fond ofCredit: TIKTOK/@americanstandardk9
According to the dog expert, one of them loves to snuggle


According to the dog expert, one of them loves to snuggleCredit: TIKTOK/@americanstandardk9

TikTok user AmericanStandardK9 (@americanstandardk9), who claimed to be the best dog trainer online, took to TikTok to share his list of the top three smaller breeds of dogs that’d be the perfect addition to your home.

The Yorkshire Terrier

The first small dog that had made it in the video was the Yorkshire Terrier – also known as the ‘Yorkie’.

”We’ve trained several of them through our programme and they’re very small.”

Describing these adorable pups, the pro insisted they were super eager to learn, to train and the best part – to cuddle.

”Only thing you have to be aware of, they can be a little barky but you can train that out of them,” he said.

The Pomeranian

During his years of training these furry four-legged friends, the expert’s met a number of Pomeranians.

One of the most recent ones in their programme was a pup named Snow, an all-white Pomeranian that had been imported from Thailand.

”She’s a very expensive dog but she also loves to snuggle on the couch, loves to be carried and we also trained her to be off-leash.”

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The Miniature Schnauzer

Last but certainly not least was the mini Schnauzer, a breed to pro has dealt with quite a few times as well.

Sharing his experience, the whizz said: ”They are very robust, They are very tough for their small size.”

Despite their tough character, he insisted that these fluffy pups can be easily managed and even handled by smaller children who might drop a puppy by mistake.

”We don’t want any puppies being dropped. But the mini Schnauzer is tougher compared to all these other ones.

”Again, you can train them to a very high level.”

Fellow dog fans flocked to comments and some shared their picks.

”Miniature Schnauzers are the best. Intelligent, robust, and very trainable. Mine is off leash trained and does great!” wrote one person.

Someone else noted: ”I love my yorkies but the [they] are stubborn!”

”I loveee my yorkieee so smarttt and yes barky but that’s her comunicacion style [sic],” another dog fanatic penned.