The Oscar-nominated actor – who has starred in Taken, Star Wars, Batman Begins and Schindler’s List – has appeared on ITV’s The Jonathan Ross Show ahead of the launch of his new film Marlowe.

Asked if he was ever tempted to create his own social media account, the 70-year-old said he was apprehensive at the thought.

“I’m terrified. There are some people pretending to be me,” he said.

The new film follows a detective noir narrative centred around a brooding, down-on-his-luck detective who is hired to find the ex-lover of a glamorous heiress.

Set in 1939 California against the backdrop of World War II, the movie features everything from corrupt studio ambassadors, drug smuggling, gangsters, love affairs, missing persons, and a mother-daughter feud.

The Ballymena man admitted he had never read any of the Raymond Chandler book series on which the film is based.

“Marlowe is Phillip Marlowe. He’s a private investigator. It was first invented by Raymond Chandler,” he told The Jonathan Ross Show.

“I’m an avid reader but I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t read any chapter until I was offered the film. He’s a private eye but a bit shady but has a code of ethics.”

The film is reported to be Neeson’s 100th release, but the veteran actor said a few documentaries meant he had breached the milestone already.

“There’s a few documentaries in there too. Somebody told me this a few months ago but I’m actually up to 103 now,” he said.

“I’ve loved all of them. Some of the movies were so-so, some were very good I thought but I’ve always come away with a positive. I love movie crews, actors are ok but movie crews I adore.”

Neil Jordan (L) and Liam Neeson arrive at the UK premiere of “Marlowe”. Pic: Kate Green/Getty Images© Kate Green/Getty Images

Asked about his fitness regime, Neeson said he has had a “walking partner” in New York for the past 15 years.

“I’m not a gym rat. I mainly do 35 minutes every day. Power walking,” he said.

“I live in New York so I’m in the city. I have a walking partner, a lovely lady called Amy – we’ve been walking for 15 or 16 years. I met her husband for the first time at this premiere of a movie of mine.

“I saw Amy and I went over to her and I saw him and said ‘Jay, I have to tell you right now. Amy and I are not having an affair. All we do is walk around the park!’”

The NI actor also revealed he had come close to starring in a film alongside Jackie Chan, but had backed out due to his age.

“They sent me a script saying Jackie Chan is doing this and going to shoot in China. I read this script and it was back-to-back action for 22 year-olds. I’m not doing this, I’m 70 years of age,” he said.

It comes after Neeson’s candid interview on Thursday during which he raised eyebrows in Northern Ireland with his assertion that a united Ireland “will happen”.

“I think it will happen. I think Britain will be pleased. I think it could happen, yeah. But you know, everybody has to be appeased. The Protestants in Northern Ireland have a strong voice,” he told Sky News.

“I hear them, I know where they are coming from and they have to be respected. If there is going to be a united Ireland, their voice has to be heard and they need to be represented if a united Ireland comes about.”