With the second anniversary of Super Nintendo World already upon us, Universal Studios Japan has released plenty of new merchandise at 1-Up Factory and Mario Motors just in time for the spring break crowds! So join us as we swing through both shops to check out everything new.

Mario Kart Sponsor Stickers – ¥700 ($5.31)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 1SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 1

This sticker set features a number of the fictional companies shown in the Mario Kart games as well as on several other merchandise items. This is available only at Mario Motors.

Oil Barrel Tumbler – ¥2600 ($19.72)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 2SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 2

This tumbler looks exactly like the oil barrels kept at the exit of Mario Motors, the gift shop for Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. The tumbler is metal, with blue on the top and bottom and a yellow strip in the middle. A Super Mushroom sits between two crossed checkered flags, with the Mario Kart wordmark below. This is available only at Mario Motors.

Racer Toad Plush – ¥3500 ($26.55)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 3SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 3

This squishy new plush shows off Toad in his racer outfit for Team Mario. The outfit is largely red with white accents.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 4SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 4

The side of his helmet bears the Mario M mark. This is available only at Mario Motors.

Mario Kart Cup Icon Pin Badge Set – ¥6900 ($52.34)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 5SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 5

This pin set comes in a small box and features every single cup icon from Mario Kart 8, plus the specially-created Universal Cup for Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. This is available only at Mario Motors.

Universal Cup Trophy Chocolates – ¥3900 ($29.58)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 8SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 8

A replica of the Universal Cup displayed in the queue for Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, featuring the globe at the center and a plaque at the bottom. The entire trophy is made of plastic.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 9SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 9
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 6SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 6

Inside the bottom are sixteen chocolate coins – two each of the cup icons (except the Universal Cup). This is available only at Mario Motors.

Chocolate Crunch & Cookies – ¥1700 ($12.89)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 10SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 10

These two canisters each represent Mario and Bowser, with wheels printed on top. Mario’s canister features chocolate crunch, while Bowser’s features plain cookies. You can find these at Mario Motors.

Bowser, Jr. Figure Keychain – ¥1200 ($9.10)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 13SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 13
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 11SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 11

Bowser, Jr. is features in this detailed resin keychain.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 14SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 14

The spikes on his shell are dimensional. You can find this at both Mario Motors and 1-Up Factory.

Boo Reversible Pillow – ¥4300 ($32.62)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 15SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 15

Boo takes center stage in this bean-filled reversible pillow. We see Boo hiding from Mario on one side, and ready to scare on the other! Available only at 1-Up Factory.

Yoshi Reversible Pillow – ¥4300 ($32.62)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 16SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 16

Choose your Yoshi’s look with either a Yoshi egg or his adorable face on this new reversible pillow. Available exclusively at 1-Up Factory.

Boo Light-Up Keychain – ¥1500 ($11.38)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 17SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 17

You can also bring Boo home with a new light-up keychain from 1-Up Factory or Mario Motors.

Bob-Omb Earrings – ¥1800 ($13.65)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 18SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 18

Every day’s a blast when you have Bob-Ombs around to keep you company, and now you can always have two around with these new earrings from 1-Up Factory.

Boo Earrings – ¥2200 ($16.69)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 19SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 19

These Boo earrings both have a plastic diamond on top, with one reading “Teresa,” the name for Boo in Japanese. Much like other Boo merchandise, one has the Boo hiding, and one ready to scare, and it’s available at 1-Up Factory.

Chef Toad Plush Keychain – ¥1600 ($12.14)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 20SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 20
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 21SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 21

Chef Toad is ready to cook delicious meals for everyone at Super Nintendo World, and he’s got a clipboard ready to take down everyone’s orders in his right hand.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 22SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 22

There’s also a little charm with a spatula and pan. You can find this at 1-Up Factory and Mario Motors.

Super Star Tart Cookies – ¥1800 ($13.65)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 24SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 24
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 23SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 23
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 25SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 25

These Super Star tart cookies look like the iconic Power-Up of the same name, and are available at 1-Up Factory.

Mario Kart Clipboard – ¥1600 ($12.14)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 26SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 26
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 27SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 27

Around the front and back of this clipboard, you can find icons from the in-world sponsors of Mario Kart races, like Bowser Oil, Bob-Omb Plugs, and Mushroom Piston Engines. Available only from Mario Motors.

Assorted Cookies – ¥2000 ($15.17)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 29SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 29
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 28SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 28

Three types of cookies come in this box from 1-Up Factory — butter, chocolate, and strawberry.

Castella Cakes – ¥1800 ($13.65)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 30SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 30
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 31SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 31

These castella cakes are a bit of a blast from the past — they were sold when the land first opened in a cardboard and foam box, but never appeared again after the first month or so. Now they’re back in a bag instead of a box at 1-Up Factory, and contain plain, chocolate, strawberry, and caramel castella cakes.

Souvenir Medallions – ¥200 ($1.52) Each

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 32SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 32

Three new 2023 designs have been added to the souvenir medallion machine at 1-Up Factory.

Mario Kart Earring Set – ¥2300 ($17.45)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 34SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 34

These Power-Up-themed earrings are only at Mario Motors and come in a set of six featuring a ? Block, Super Star, Mario in his kart, a banana peel, a Blue Shell, and a Bob-Omb.

? Block & Triple Banana Keychain – ¥1000 ($7.58)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 37SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 37
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 36SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 36

These keychains from Mario Motors pay homage to the triple banana Power-Up from the Mario Kart series, and also have a ? Block attached at the very top.

Super Nintendo World Heroes White T-Shirt – ¥4300 ($32.62)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 74SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 74
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 75SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 75

This new white tee at 1-Up Factory shows off the heroes of the Super Mario series — Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, and Princess Peach outlned in their Super Nintendo-era artwork. The Super Nintendo World logo is printed at the top, with “Universal Studios Japan” below.

Super Nintendo World Enemies Black T-Shirt – ¥4300 ($32.62)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 40SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 40
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 42SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 42

In contrast to the white shirt, the black shirt shows off several of the enemies from the series, such as Blooper, Boo, Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Bullet Bill, and Piranha Plant. The Super Nintendo World logo sits at the center with “Universal Studios Japan” below.

Character Bucket Hats – ¥4200 ($31.86) Each

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 43SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 43

Several character bucket hats are now available in checkered patterns. Each features their character and name embroidered on the front, along with something associated with the character on the back. White and blue goes to Mario.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 45SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 45
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 46SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 46

On the back is a set of blocks with a Super Mushroom trailing atop.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 47SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 47

Green and white is for Yoshi, trying to wrap his tongue around the “Y.”

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 48SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 48

On the back are three colors of Yoshi eggs.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 49SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 49

Purple is for Boo, or Teresa as they’re known in Japanese. He’s cowering on the front side.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 50SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 50

On the back however, two are ready to scare!

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 51SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 51

Bob-Omb, or Bomb-Hei as they’re known in Japanese, star on the yellow and white hat.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 52SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 52

The back shows their three stages — inactive, active, and post-detonation.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 53SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 53

Finally, Blooper gets the blue and white hat with his name “Gesso.”

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 55SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 55

The back shows another Blooper with two Cheep-Cheeps.

Character Sunglasses – ¥3300 ($25.03) Each

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 56SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 56

Each pair of sunglasses has colored plastic themed to each character along with their signature hat or other accessory atop the left eye. For Mario, we see red plastic with a Mario cap.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 57SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 57

The temples are blue with yellow dots to represent his overalls.


Like the Mario versions, the Luigi glasses are green with a Luigi cap on the left eye.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 59SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 59

The temples also blue plastic with yellow dots to symbolize overalls.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 60SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 60

The Mushroom glasses are also red, although a brighter shade than the Mario glasses. The left eye has a 1-Up Mushroom, the right eye has a Super Mushroom.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 61SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 61

The temples are a light red plastic.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 62SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 62

Bowser’s glasses are black, with him popping off the right eye instead of left.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 63SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 63

The temples are a crimson red.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 64SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 64

Bob-Omb’s are a darkish blue with Bob-Ombs on both eyes.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 65SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 65

The temples are also blue.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 66SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 66

Finally, the Boo glasses are black with Boos on both sides — one cowering and one out to scare.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 67SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 67

The temples are purple.

“What’s in the Box?” T-Shirt – ¥4700 ($35.65)

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 71SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 71
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 73SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 73

This shirt is a light blue with three ? Blocks on the upper chest on the front side.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 68SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 68
SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 69SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 69

The back reads “What’s in the Box?” in a groovy ’60s-esque font.

SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 70SNW NewMerchandiseMarch2023 70

The three ? Blocks revealed a Fire Flower, Super Mushroom, and Super Star on the bottom.

All of these items are available now in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, so be sure to stop in and pick these up if you’re interested! Don’t miss our most recent merchandise update from December as well, and let us know if any of these are your speed in the comments below!

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