The incident took place at a circus in Luoyang, China.(credits: Twitter/@WeAreNotFood)

The incident took place at a circus in Luoyang, China.(credits: Twitter/@WeAreNotFood)

The incident has sparked outrage over animal abuse, with many social media users calling for an end to such cruelty to animals.

When you put wild animals in the enclosure to entertain humans, it is better to grasp all that can go wrong. Just like it did at this circus taking place in Luoyang, China. Aside from the obvious animal abuse in the clip, it does not look particularly dangerous to the humans sitting outside the enclosure recording the clip. That is until the lions decide it is time for them to escape. Towards the end of the clip, the lions make their way out of the bars and as expected, panic ensues. The tweet alongside the clip read, “Luoyang, Henan, China. Everything went wrong! It is clear that these animals do not want to do these silly tricks. Leave the animals alone and let them live their lives in peace. I think these lions look skinny. How are they punished now? Beating and starving?”

Anger was an understatement in the reply section of the tweet. Social media users were fuming over the treatment of the animals. Many raised their voice against the abuse. Others called for the end of such cruelty to animals. “Yes, Lions are kings of the jungle… If you try to play with them in the circus… One day you have to pay heavily…” wrote a Twitter user.

Another tweet read, “To treat such a majestic animal as a mere object of the amusement is a crime against nature and against God.”

“This is wrong on every level I know of!” tweeted a user.

Animal cruelty is not something that is seen only in circus enclosures. A person in Bengaluru was seen taking their pet’s safety for granted in a disturbing video that has since gone viral. The clip, shared by the Twitter account Forever Bengaluru, shows a dog sitting on the roof of a moving car, causing concerns over both road safety and animal cruelty. In the video, the dog is seen initially standing on the car roof before sitting down as the car continues to drive. The clip is seen to be shot at night as the car moves on the side of the road.

The incident has sparked outrage among viewers on Twitter, who are calling for action to be taken to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. For many this form of animal cruelty should be stopped.

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