Emily Ratajkowski has opened up about locking lips with Harry Styles – and getting caught in the act by a fan.

The 31-year-old bombshell found herself under the international spotlight – and the envy of millions – last month when a fan spotted her making out with 29-year-old Harry.

The duo’s private moment – which admittedly appeared to take place in a Japanese public carpark – was caught on film by an eager fan who then shared the footage online.

The kiss sparked global attention and now Emily has addressed the moment directly – admitting it is a bit odd to have her romantic life blown up on the international stage.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski has addressed that snog she shared with Harry Styles
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Harry Styles
Harry and Emily were caught kissing last month
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Emily told Vogue España: “It’s very bizarre to have certain experiences and then have the whole world know and comment on them.

“I’m just a person who’s gone from a three-year relationship (musician Jeff Magid) to a four-year one (ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard).

“So this is the first time in a long time I’ve been in a dating stage. The interest there is in that particular area is very strange. Not that I’m surprised, but it’s a tiny slice of my life.”

There have been reports that Emily and Harry’s kiss has thrown a spanner in the friendship of the Blurred Lines star and actress Olivia Wilde – who used to date the One Direction star.

Vogue España
Emily said is ‘bizarre’ to have her love life dissected in public
(Image: Vogue Espana)
Vogue España
She opened up to Vogue España
(Image: Vogue Espana)

Emily alluded to this spat in the same interview, revealing: “That’s how it is. Just an unfortunate issue.”

Emily had previously opened up about her recent love life antics – prompting speculation she and Harry had been enjoying a secret romance for weeks before they were spotted in a clinch in Japan.

The model was speaking on a podcast that was recorded two weeks before the fan video of her with Harry went viral.

During the chat, Emily said: “I just started dating someone that I think I like, so that is different. I was like, ‘He’s kind of great’.

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard
Emily divorced Sebastian Bear-McClard earlier this year
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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde
Harry and Olivia Wilde split in November last year

“If you had been talking to me four weeks ago, absolutely. I would be seeing someone and then suddenly the way he would walk would be like, ugh.”

However, some fans think she may have been discussing her apparent fling with comedian Eric Andre.

She also said during the podcast: “There’s a million insane, inaccurate things about my relationships [that are said]

“I’m definitely still not thinking about guys. Although, yeah. You know, sometimes things just happen..”

Meanwhile, a source close to Harry hinted that he and Emily had been trying to keep a secret relationship to themselves before the kiss video appeared online.

Harry Styles was filmed kissing model Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo
A source hinted last month that Harry is enjoying a secret romance
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The source told the Mirror in the wake of the footage: “Harry is seeing someone. He’s going to great lengths to keep her identity quiet after the circus surrounding his relationship with Olivia.

“But his close circles all know about the romance. Though it’s early days, things seem to be going well.”

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