Indomie has stepped up to defend itself amidst accusations that its noodles contain carcinogenic substances. 

In response to the accusations, Indofood’s director, Fransiscus Welirang said that in principle, the company follows guidelines by BPOM, which is the Indonesia food and drug monitoring agency, and other FDAs from the countries that import its products. This was reported by CNN Indonesia.

The carcinogenic substances were found by Taipei’s Department of Health, which detailed two instant noodle brands – Indomie and Ah Lai White Curry Noodles – as harmful.

The department had sampled 112 instant noodle products in supermarkets, traditional markets, Southeast Asian food specialty stores, general vending stores or wholesale importers to test the ethylene oxide content in these noodle packets. Ethylene oxide is a chemical that is typically associated with cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia when consumed or inhaled. The chemical can also irritate the skin and eyes and can trigger birth and hereditary defects.

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Following the revelation, Taiwanese authorities ordered for the recall of the two install noodle products, as reported in an official statement.

Its importers will face a fine between NT$60,000 AND NT$200 million, the statement posited.

The same has happened in Malaysia, wherein the health ministry ordered a voluntary recall of the Ah Lai White Curry Noodles for batches expiring on 25 August 2023 from the Malaysian market, as reported by Bernama

Since being called out, Ah Lai White Curry Noodles has said that they have sent samples of their products to be tested by a lab based on the claims, as reported by The Star.

It noted that prior to Taipei’s findings, it has never had a problem or been accused of these claims since it started in 2014. Additionally, the brand pointed out that Taipei’s health department has not shown them the results of the samples they used but that they suspect it is not their instant noodles. 

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to both brands for a statement. 

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