A Louisiana state senator has issued an apology after losing his cool during an exchange with a fellow lawmaker at the State Capitol.

Stewart Cathey, Jr. a Monroe Republican, said his competitiveness got the best of him in the exchange in which he’s accused of swearing at and sticking his finger in the face of Regina Barrow, a Baton Rouge Democrat, KNOE (Monroe, Louisiana) reports.

“I’m competitive and let my competitive juices get the best of me,” Cathey told the television station.

Barrow told the television station that Cathey acted in a “very threatening” manner.

“I really don’t know what happened to him, but certainly, that behavior was unbecoming for a senator,” Barrow said.

“Kind of got really in my face and put his finger in my face and told me that they (expletive) lied to me.

“His tone, his body language, was very threatening.”

The April 21 altercation occurred after a debate over a Cathey-sponsored bill that would redirect tax money that was paid by certain railcar companies.

Cathey contends that the tax money that goes only to East Baton Rouge Parish belongs to all parishes.

“They pay 100% of their ad valorem taxes to East Baton Rouge Parish, no matter where the car is, no matter where the car has traveled, East Baton Rouge Parish is the benefactor of all of those dollars,” Cathey said.

Barrow acknowledged that Cathey’s argument has merit.

“We were willing to talk about that, but to remove that funding just overnight or immediately, we knew was going to have devastating effects because half of it goes toward the school system,” Barrow said.

But she described the exchange as harrowing.

“I will never forget that encounter because I have never experienced anything like that in my life,” Barrow said.

Cathey has apologized to Barrow publicly and in private.

“My people sent me to Baton Rouge to fight for North Louisiana, and I will continue to fight for every dollar we need,” Cathey said.