A Perth OnlyFans creator has been forced to wear a fake engagement ring while partying in Bali to avoid men harassing her.

Mikaela Testa, 23, says she has been in “the best place to party in the world,” over the weekend: Bali, Indonesia.

She posted to her 2.3 million TikTok followers describing how the social media star and her friends have bought fake engagement rings to avoid harassment while they are out.

“Me and my friends get so harassed by men whenever we go out to a bar, a nightclub, anything, so we bought fake engagement rings, just so that we can hold up hands and say… f*** off,” Testa explained in the video.

“And because men respect other men way more, if you’re engaged to another man, they’re just gonna leave you alone no drama.”

Her TikTok has reached more than 85,000 likes and close to 500 comments since it was posted on Monday, some praising her for the idea.

One user commented: “The ring idea always works!! Really good travel tip!!!”

“Ms girl link where you got the engagement rings from — it’s a great idea (sic),” said another.

Other followers have focused on the other side of the video, where Testa’s friends are captured partying hard.

“Bali this is us……AUSTRALIANS…. embarrassing,” said one user.

The influencer, who lived on the Gold Coast in Queensland, has recently moved to Perth.

She has since been travelling around the world with a group of friends, most recently visiting Japan, Dubai, and the Maldives before Indonesia.

Just last month, she was involved in drama in between her travels, as she was detained at the LA airport.

Testa claims she was heavily questioned, including details surrounding her work: OnlyFans.

“I’ve just been locked in the US border force room for over 30 hours with no phone and had my visa revoked,” she said.

Testa updated her followers through TikTok, where she was eventually deported from the US.