If you’re looking for excellent new horror movies to stream during May, you’ve come to the right terrifying abandoned hospital. It’s already been an incredible year for new horror and, even better is the fact that you don’t even have to head to theaters to experience the terror. The best streaming services are now the perfect place to find some of the best indie horror movies that previously would have never been available outside of the festival circuit. 

May has a great selection of varied new horror movies too. Whether you’re looking for something truly terrifying – spoiler, you might want to resubscribe to Shudder – or a little more light hearted among the best Amazon Prime movies, streaming services have you covered (in guts ‘n’ stuff). 

Oh, and don’t forget that last month’s new additions included Scream 6 on Paramount Plus so there’s plenty to catch up on. Here, though, are the best new horror movies to stream in May 2023. 

 Death’s Roulette  

When: May 5
Where to stream it: Paramount Plus

Do you want to play a game? Wait, no, not that one. Another one. Death’s Roulette is a Spanish high-concept horror as seven strangers wake up in an isolated mansion only to find they have become players in a deadly game. They’re tasked with choosing one of their party to be willingly sacrificed within 60 minutes or they will all die. Cue much tension and terror as they discover they may all have a link after all. This is a Paramount Plus exclusive and looks like a perfect way to start an excellent horror movie month.  

Huesera: The Bone Woman 

When: May 12
Where to stream it: Shudder

This is it, officially the scariest horror movie to stream in May. Huesera: The Bone Woman is the directorial debut of Michelle Garza Cervera and we should already be very afraid of what’s to come next if this is her first horror feature. Valeria has wanted nothing but a baby for a long time but when she finally falls pregnant, supernatural forces mean this isn’t looking like the happily ever after she was looking for. The less you know about Huesara the better, but this is a body horror with real twisted bite. One absolutely worth joining or restarting Shudder for.   


When: May 18
Where to stream it: Hulu (US), Shudder (UK/Australia)

If you’re looking for something that won’t make you physically contort though, Slash/Back on Hulu is a significantly more fun horror. Imagine The Thing but as a Canadian Inuit teen movie and you’ll be on the right monstrous page. A sleepy hamlet is under attack from aliens and it’s up to young Maika and her friends to save the day. Thankfully they’ve watched as many horror movies as we have. Charming performances and a brilliant sense of fun make this one of the most compellingly wholesome horror movies of the last few years. Maybe one to watch after you’ve scared yourself silly with something else. 


When: May 19
Where to stream it: Shudder

Scotland-set blood-drenched nun movie starring Jena Malone anyone? That might be all you need to know about Cristopher Smith’s Consecration to be honest. Malone plays Grace, a woman who has journeyed to a convent on the Isle of Skye to uncover the truth behind the death of her brother. Of course, what she finds there is far more disturbing than she expects and Malone chews up the scenery masterfully as usual. For once, this isn’t a demonic spinning head movie, but if you’re looking for more holy horror after Russel Crowe’s The Pope’s Exorcist this could help feed your, err, habit. 

Tin & Tina  

When: May 26
Where to stream it: Netflix 

That’s it. Children are officially terrifying. If there’s one thing that horror movies are good at, it’s convincing us that the sweet innocence of youth is always disguising something far more insidious. Spanish horror Tin & Tina is based on a 12-minute short of the same name as a couple adopt orphan twins who have been brought up in a strict convent. Unsurprisingly, their religious obsession soon disturbs their new parents. Pair this one up with the Norwegian The Innocents for peak creepy kid vibes. Just don’t blame us when a glimpse of a tween gives you nightmares.   

 Violent Night  

When: May 26
Where to stream it: Peacock (US), Amazon Prime Video (UK)

Yes, it’s not exactly the right time of year for the festive joys of Violent Night. David Harbour’s St Nick proves that Santa really does slay as he takes on a house of villainous henchmen in this ludicrously gory horror comedy. There’s even some bonus Santa lore that explains why he’s as happy murdering people as John Wick. Violent Night probably isn’t destined to be as much of a holiday cult classic as, say, Rare Exports, but David Harbour has plenty of R-rated fun here and the action is frankly too absurd to miss. Genre wise, we’re calling it ho ho horror.


When: May 26
Where to stream it: Shudder 

There’s no shortage of new horror movies inspired by our online obsessions. Last year’s Sissy and Deadstream were particularly incisive and Shudder’s latest addition looks to be in the same horrific vein. Influencer follows… well, an influencer endlessly documenting her luxury holiday across Thailand. But it wouldn’t be on this list if it didn’t take a turn for the worse. Young Madison makes a new friend who takes her off the beaten track and away from the endlessly Instagrammable sights. Prepare for a ‘maybe social media was a terrible idea for our collective psyches’ lesson or six. Like and subscribe…

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