ARTIFICIAL intelligence has revealed what it thinks the perfect man and woman look like.

The “ideal body type” was identified after researchers prompted AI groups to generate the “perfect” specimen.

AI bots have generated what it believes is the 'perfect male'


AI bots have generated what it believes is the ‘perfect male’Credit: The Bulimia Project
According to AI, the ideal male has defined muscles


According to AI, the ideal male has defined musclesCredit: The Bulimia Project
The technology analysed images on social media to generate its depictions


The technology analysed images on social media to generate its depictionsCredit: The Bulimia Project

The human clones were created through engagement analytics on social media, using AI tools to decipher billions of images depicting “beautiful people”.

The findings were monitored by the eating disorder charity, The Bulimia Project.

As a result, researchers found the most desirable women had blonde hair, olive skin, brown eyes and slim figures.

The ideal male on the other hand had dark eyes, chiselled cheekbones and defined muscles. 

During the research, The Bulimia Project tested cutting-edge technology such as Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney.

The AI generators work by searching the web for images that already exist and designing new images based on those results.

It is unclear how the “perfect human” is determined, however, the bots are understood to consider interactions with photos such as comments.

The Bulimia Project’s research found almost 40 per cent of the images showing “perfect” women were blonde.

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And 30 per cent had brown eyes, with more than half having olive skin.

On the contrary, about 70 per cent of “perfect” men had brown hair, with 23 per cent having brown eyes.

The report read: “In the age of Instagram and Snapchat filters, no one can reasonably achieve the physical standards set by social media. 

“So, why try to meet unrealistic ideals.

“It’s both mentally and physically healthier to keep body image expectations squarely in the realm of reality.”

James Campigotto, a data journalist who took part in the research, told Fox News the study was designed to explore the biases of AI.

He said: “This could negatively impact individuals’ body images.

“You could be someone who’s doing all the right things, eating properly and exercising constantly… and still not achieving these very outlandish images, which can be very disheartening and impactful on someone’s self-image.

“I think men are struggling with this idea just as much, if not the same, as women.”

The alarming results come as the top 50 “most attractive” nationalities in the world were revealed by data-crunching boffins.

Thousands of Reddit posts about the good looks of different citizens around the globe were analysed to produce the ratings.

According to a study by swimwear brand Pour Moi, India holds the number one spot.

Coming in second is USA, followed by Sweden, Japan, Canada and Brazil.

But the UK fails to rank in the top 10, coming in at number 12.

To crunch the numbers, analysts at Pour Moi surveyed any posts that mentioned the words “attractive”, “sexy”, “beautiful”, “handsome”, “gorgeous”, “good looking”, “pretty” and “hot”.

The country mentioned was also analysed – and a score was created from the number of posts, comments and upvotes. 

A spokesman for Pour Moi said: “We analysed Reddit data, scraping the number of posts and upvotes that spoke about attractive nations, to reveal which nationalities the world is most attracted to.  

“To bring the findings to life, we used AI technology to discover what these attractive nations might look like.

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“Analysing the data by male and female, it’s Indian women that top the tables of the most attractive, followed by Japanese and Swedish women.

“When just looking at the male data, it’s British men that come out top as the most attractive. Followed once again by India, Italy and the USA and Sweden rounding out the top five.”

The bots said the 'perfect' woman was blonde


The bots said the ‘perfect’ woman was blondeCredit: The Bulimia Project