Solo travelling has risen in popularity since the end of the pandemic. According to, just under one in four (23%) people exploring the world nowadays do so alone, up from 14% before Covid.

So, with more and more people looking to expand their horizons in the comfort of their own company, the Manchester Evening News spoke to 25-year-old solo travel blogger Gabi Nowak-Jelonek to get her top tips for those looking to embark on a journey on their own.

Gabi is a travel blogger from Manchester who recently quit her job to pursue her passion to help and advise women about solo travelling. In just over a year of blogging her journeys, Gabi has amassed thousands of views from TikTok and Instagram as Gabs_explores and she has recently set up her own newsletter.

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During her journey she has been to places such as Dubai, Thailand and Greece.

Speaking about her travels and the biggest issues for female solo travellers, Gabi said: “The biggest barriers for women travelling is safety, that fear of not knowing how to be safe in a different country, the other thing is dealing with loneliness and not knowing how to make friends.

“Blogging was never something I planned on doing but one of the reasons I did quit my job was to find a purpose.

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai
Gabi has travelled alone to places such as Dubai
(Image: Getty)

“If I can inspire just one woman to take a trip abroad then clearly that means I can inspire multiple women across the world to do that, and that is my aim, that is my mission.”

Gabi’s top tips

1. Practice at home – Gabi recommends that before stepping on a plane for a getaway, taking the train or bus for a short trip away is a good place to start to get over the solo travelling jitters.

“It can be just as simple as going to an art gallery or dinner by yourself,” she said.

2. Pick a destination that makes sense for you – A holiday abroad is supposed to be fun regardless of whether you are going with a group or by yourself. This matters even more when the source of entertainment will be just you so the destination is very important.

“Make sure the destination aligns with your interest, so if you are someone that likes to explore a lot then pick a city break instead of a beach break.” Gabi explained.

People are being warned to not wear shorts on a plane
Gabi says it’s important to pick a destination that makes sense for you
(Image: PA)

3. Research the local area – It’s important to do extensive research about the area you will be visiting on your holidays. Gabi recommends brushing up your knowledge about the rules and regulation about the place and also the correct tourist etiquette and custom of the locals.

4. Safety equipment – Naturally being alone means your safety is paramount. Gabi recommends that you look into buying some equipment that will help with your physical and mental wellbeing.

“Can you buy and anti theft bag, back pack, door lock or personal alarm? Whatever you think is going to help you relieve that anxiety then it’s an investment.”

5. Find a community – Before you embark on your journey, Gabi suggests you do some more research in the form of other solo travellers with lived experience of the destination you are heading to.

She explained: “Try and find a community that has been to a destination. That could mean Facebook groups or reaching out to people you know on social media.”