Life often has a way of contrasting itself. Perhaps no one knows this better than Iyanna “Yaya” Mayweather, the daughter of boxing billionaire Floyd Mayweather. She’s currently serving a six-year probation sentence, stemming from a stabbing incident in 2020. Yet, this harsh reality hasn’t stopped her from finding enjoyment, from seeking out the silver linings of her life.

Recently, she took to social media to showcase a certain slice of her life, a side that was drenched in sunlight and the lavishness of a Miami vacation. However, one particularly curious detail stood out – a rather defiant choice of attire at her recent birthday party. As to what that entailed, and how her Miami vacation unfolded, let’s venture further into Yaya’s contrasting world.

The yacht chronicles: Mayweather’s Miami vacation

Diving into the core of her recent social media posts, it’s clear that Yaya has been embracing the luxury that her billionaire heritage affords her. One snapshot portrays her standing at the front of a sprawling yacht, the Miami waters serving as an impressive backdrop. The image resonates with a sense of carefree joy that contrasts sharply with her legal situation.


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But the ocean wasn’t merely a picturesque background. Yaya took the plunge, quite literally, in another snapshot. She was seen jumping off the yacht and into the azure water alongside a friend, embodying a spirit of freedom and delight that went beyond the usual confines of her life.

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The water activities didn’t end with a leisurely swim. There was speed and thrill involved as well. In subsequent stories, Yaya and her companions were shown aboard a speedboat, their faces reflecting pure exhilaration as they darted across the Miami waves.

Yaya Mayweather embraces her past and presents her joy

Amidst her extravagant lifestyle and legal turmoil, Yaya Mayweather also let her fans glimpse into her life as a mother. In a series of posts that are starkly different from her usual glamorous lifestyle, she shared intimate memories from her pregnancy and tender moments with her son, Kentrell Gaulden Jr.

Her posts on Mother’s Day were filled with reminiscence and warmth. She uploaded an old video that shows her admiring her baby bump in disbelief, perhaps reminiscing about the transformative journey of motherhood that awaited her.


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She continued to celebrate the occasion by sharing a series of photos featuring her and her son. In one image, she is seen gently kissing her son while holding him in her arms. Another clip captures a quiet moment with her son sitting at her foot. However, the face of her son remains a mystery to her fans.

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Additionally, Yaya extended her Mother’s Day wishes to her own mother, Melissia Brim. She posted a delightful picture of her mother and son together in a pool, indicating the multi-generational bond within the Mayweather family.

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