This heart-wrenching video has been posted on the Twitter page The Wapplehouse.

This heart-wrenching video has been posted on the Twitter page The Wapplehouse.

The video has received more than 20,000 views so far.

Take a trip down memory lane to the days when circus clowns with their iconic red noses, exaggerated makeup, dramatic expressions, and vibrant costumes entertained audiences with a myriad of captivating abilities. From juggling and acrobatics to daring circus acts, sword swallowing, and thrilling motorcycle stunts, these artists brought joy and excitement to spectators. However, the unpredictability of live performances sometimes leads to accidents, as witnessed in a recent viral video currently grabbing everyone’s attention.

Performing stunts in the circus can be a risky endeavour and a video circulating on social media captures a heart-wrenching incident where an acrobat becomes the victim of a fall from a considerable height. Shared on the Twitter page The Wapplehouse with a caption that reads, “Might be the worst outcome I’ve ever seen, holy s*&t,” the video was originally posted on November 7 and has recently resurfaced on the internet, amassing over 20 thousand views.

In the video’s opening moments, a person is seen standing atop a high pillar, clad in a white shirt and black trousers. Before commencing the performance, the artist engages the audience with encouraging claps. Three individuals stand below in the field, with a large crowd of spectators present. As the artist begins the stunts, a jump from the pillar ensues, but the ropes become entangled in their legs. This leads to the pillar breaking in the middle, resulting in a dramatic fall to the ground, prompting screams from the audience.

Despite the severity of the accident, the report indicates that the artist miraculously survived without suffering serious injuries. The incident is being hailed as nothing less than a miracle, considering the magnitude of the fall.

In a somewhat similar occurrence a few days prior, Chilean trapeze artist Jorge Alarcon faced a tragic accident while performing a stunt at the renowned Happy Circus in Shilin, China. During a daring acrobatic act, the platform suddenly collapsed, resulting in a severe ligament injury for which Alarcon was hospitalized for eight days.