Exclusive drink is joined by a new summer customisation to jazz up any beverage.

Starbucks customers in Japan just can’t get enough of melons. Not only has the super-popular flavour been returning every year in a limited-edition Frappuccino since the summer of 2022, this year the chain is giving its customers even more of the fruit in its second melon Frappuccino of the season, called Motto Gohobi Melon.

The new limited-time drink continue this year’s theme of “Splash Summer, Let’s Burst”, which started with the Gohobi Melon Frappuccino released earlier this month. The Japanese word “gohobi” means “reward”, and is commonly used to refer to something you want to treat yourself with after a stressful day, so the new Frappuccino aims to provide you with an even more rewarding experience, as indicated by the addition of the word “motto” or “more“.

▼ Think of it as a “More Rewarding Melon Frappuccino

There are actually two new Frappuccinos coming our way, the first being the Motto Gohobi Melon Frappuccino, which contains the same ingredients as the drink released earlier this month — a blend of green melon juice and milk atop an orange melon pulp and jelly base — but with an added hit of orange pulp on top for motto melon flavour.

The second Frappuccino is the Vanilla Cream Frappuccino with Melon Pulp Customisation, which transforms an everyday staple on the menu into a fruity classic with a dollop of orange melon pulp. This theme of adding more melon to drinks is extended even further with a “melon pulp customisation” option, where customers can choose to add the pulp to any Frappuccino on the menu for an additional 69 yen (US$0.45) for takeout, or 70 yen for drink-in.

The customisation will be available while stocks last from 26 April to 28 May, which is the same sales period for the Frappuccinos, although Starbucks Rewards members will be able to purchase the drinks through the official app from 25 April.

The Motto Gohobi Melon Frappuccino will be on the menu priced at 756 yen for takeout or 770 yen for drink-in, while the Vanilla Cream Frappuccino with Melon Pulp Customisation will be slightly cheaper, at 639 yen for takeout or 651 yen for drink-in.

With both drinks claiming to deliver a luxurious taste and texture, we’re looking forward to trying the new drinks to see if they’re even better than last year’s, which wowed us with its melon whipped cream topping.

Source, images: Press release
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