BUENA PARK, CA — Sanrio fans can now experience an immersive Gudetama-inspired haven at the first-ever U.S. location of the Gudetama Cafe that just opened in Buena Park.

Inside the doors of the bright yellow cafe lie numerous photo opportunities, an egg-inspired menu and opportunities to meet the lazy egg itself. Officially open to the public on Saturday, May 4, visitors can expect to feel completely immersed in the whimsical atmosphere.

“I love the personality behind the character, so the inspiration for coming up with this idea to have a cafe was really simple,” Gudetama Cafe Owner Cesar Shih told Patch. “I hope that the team created an immersive experience with good food so that people can come and enjoy Gudetama.”

“It’s a lot about the photo ops, but at the same time, like we do with Hello Kitty Cafe, we want to make sure the food tastes good and people want to come back. Because if it’s just all about visuals, you don’t get repeat customers,” Sanrio Senior Vice President of Marketing Jill Koch told Patch.

Alongside the food, guests are able to purchase a wide variety of merchandise items including keychains, apparel and stuffed toys, not just of Gudetama but other Sanrio characters as well.

Visitors of the Gudetama Cafe in Buena Park can take home souvenirs to commemorate their unique experience at the restaurant. (Rachel Barnes/Patch)

“I love immersive theming, so if I could come and dress up and be in an environment that feels fun, and the food is themed and the merch is themed, that’s what I’m most excited about,” said Taryn Bench a cafe visitor from Irvine.

Before the restaurant opened the Gudetama Cafe at Buena Park Place, there were locations in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan and Singapore that had all closed by the time the new cafe opened its doors.

Gudetama’s lazy and relaxed personality has landed it the title of “the Hello Kitty of Japan’s millennial generation.” Its name is a combination of the Japanese phrase “gude gude” which means lazy and “tamago” meaning egg.

Fans of all ages are welcome to visit and enjoy the cafe at 8340 La Palma Ave.

“This cafe wouldn’t be here without the Gudetama fans. So just travel safe and we look forward to making an egg-cellent day out of your experience,” Shih said.