The grandson of a Coventry woman who is about to celebrate her 100th birthday is aiming for as many people to send her birthday cards to mark the occasion. Greg Ward has been sharing his appeal on various social media platforms from Love Chelysmore to Tile Hill Facebook forums.

Greg said: “It’s a massive achievement to get to 100 for anyone and I thought it would be something nice to do. She hasn’t got anyone close to her and we’re not a massive family, so it’d be nice to get cards and appreciate where they’ve come from.”

His grandma Elsie, who turns 100 on May 22 has lived in Coventry since World War Two when she moved from Doncaster. She is ‘very well known’ within the Tile Hill area.

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In total, Elsie has four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Greg says they all have a ‘really good bond’ and adds that Elsie is a ‘fantastic lady’.

“She’s caring and friendly, and always out and about and willing to help people. She goes down to the social club playing bingo twice a week and gets her hair done in the local area. Everyone knows her even if they are not from the area, she’s quite an amazing woman and still got so much energy despite turning 100 soon,” he said.

So far, 15 cards have been delivered to their home address, but Greg expects it will ‘take off a lot more’ as he has gained many responses via the Facebook groups he posted on: “It’s nice to be recognised and get cards from people to congratulate the achievement, and hopefully she’ll get her card from the King just in time for her birthday.”

Elsie has lived in Coventry since World War Two
Elsie has lived in Coventry since World War Two
(Image: Greg Ward)

Elsie has a card collection from people all over the world from family in Australia to friends in Japan and the United States: “It’s a scarce communication network now because people don’t use the card format anymore, people usually send them via email, but to have them from different places across the world is something to cherish,” he added.

In terms of the big day on May 22, Greg says Elsie will be spending it with her children who will be taking her to Coombe Abbey for afternoon tea. Greg has asked people who want to send cards, to send them to him and get in contact via the Love Chelysmore Facebook group.

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