In the 1950s, lists naming accused communists and homosexuals were used as tools for blackmail, influence-peddling and ruin.

Clandestine dossiers played a part in the Rwandan genocide that claimed the lives of 1 million ethnic Tutsis 30 years ago, as well the purges of elites and intellectuals during periods of political upheaval in China, Cambodia and, of course, Nazi Germany.

Today, the woke left are putting together their own lists of the “Zionists” in our midst. These lists are just as dangerous, just as disgusting.

“Wild” author Cheryl Strayed — left, with Reese Witherspoon who played her in the movie version — has been called out as a Zionist on the “is your fav author a zionist?” list. WireImage

Last weekend, a Google doc detailing the supposed Israel affiliations and adjacencies of nearly 200 well-known authors — including some who are dead — made the rounds on social media.

Titled “is your fav author a zionist?” the document features a rainbow flag’s worth of categorized color-coding: Red for “Pro-Israel/Zionist” at one extreme, blue for “Pro-Palestinian/Anti-Zionist” at the other. In regards to the former, it calls for us to “stop buying their books … streaming their shows or promoting their work on any social platform.”

The author blacklist encourages users to “stop buying” books and streaming projects related to writers including “Wild” memoirist Cheryl Strayed.

Progressive bête noire J.K. Rowling is firmly in the red camp, singled out for being “pro Israel for a while.” (“She’s also a terf so conversation over right there,” her entry reads.)

Also in the red are Emily St. John Mandel, author of “Station Eleven” (“talks favorably about [Israel]”), and Taylor Jenkins Reid of “Daisy Jones and the Six” fame, who apparently “posted pro-Israel content that had no mention of the lives in Gaza.” “Wild” author Cheryl Strayed and Nicholas Sparks of “The Notebook” fame are both outed for posting “a pro-Israel graphic.” 

A screen-shot from the “is your fav author a zionist” list color-codes boycott levels.

James Baldwin, who passed away nearly 30 years ago, gets a pass as “pro-Palestine.”

The X account Zionists in Film has called out Keanu Reeves — the poster child for Hollywood civility — for transgressions: Attending a 2014 Malibu party where Benjamin Netanyahu was also in attendance, and being trained by an ex-Mossad agent for combat scenes in the “John Wick” franchise.

Need more? Reeves failed to speak out when the Israeli government used a pic from “The Matrix” in an X post last year. Never mind that the actor didn’t actually “like” or endorse the post and probably has no idea it even exists. 

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has performed in Israel and spoken out against boycotting the Jewish nation — and for that he’s been branded a “Zionist” on the Zionists in Music X account. Redferns
A posting on X from Zionists in Music announces a protest this weekend in New York City. @zionistsinmusic / X

Over on the Zionists in Music X account, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Elton John, Pharrell and Jennifer Lopez make the blacklist. So does Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, for mounting concerts in Israel — the last in 2017 — and voicing his opposition to a boycott of the Jewish nation.

Lady Gaga gets called “Hag!” for being “pro-Israel.”

According to the account, the mysterious creators behind it are planning a Zionists out of Music Protest in New York City this Saturday. Like their campus encampment counterparts, the organizers will likely show up masked: Anonymity is a key commonality among the list-makers, who hide behind private X accounts. Maybe they will finally reveal themselves this weekend. But I’m not holding my Zionist breath.

Lady Gaga has been called out on Zionists in Music. Zionists in Music/ X

In the case of Israel, the threats posed by “Zionist” lists are particularly grave.

Their goals, while seemingly noble — “end the bombings,” “feed the famished” — are actually nefarious to the core. By focusing on artists accused of being pro-Israel, the lists further the key goal of the dangerous disinformation campaign that’s defined the entire post-October 7th era: Obscure, if not erase, Hamas from their massacre against Israel; distract the world from the plight of the Israeli hostages; and place the fate of the Gaza crisis in the hands of Israel, rather than Hamas — which could end the war in an instant. 

These lists are not about a “ceasefire” or any other cause.

Keanu Reeves was shamed on the Zionists in Film account. Zionists in Film/ X

They are about hate, naming and shaming those who won’t fall in line. It would be so much easier if these people could be easily identified; perhaps they could all wear yellow stars, in the ultimate show of activist irony.

To see the full potential of secretive lists and files, one must only look to Hamas itself: A recent article in The New York Times detailed the extensive surveillance network the terror group deploys against its own citizens in Gaza.

Taylor Jenkins Reed — author of “Daisy Jones & the Six” and “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” — is shamed on the “is your fav author a zionist?” list for posting “pro-Israel content that had no mention of the lives in Gaza.” Variety via Getty Images

Hamas apparently “built files” monitoring the social media accounts of “young people” and “journalists” — deploying disinformation and intimidation tactics and refusing to “tolerate even a whiff of dissent” from those who might disagree with its rule.

Sound familiar? 

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