Hong Kong to have its first Superyacht Management Services Center

Hong Kong, China, March 23, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Hong Kong Cruise and Yacht Industry Association (HKCYIA) has reached a partnership agreement with the China Merchants Industry Holdings Co. Ltd for the establishment of the Hong Kong’s first Superyacht Management Services Center in Tsing Yi. Located at the Yiu Lian and Euroasia Dockyards, the centre will… Read More

Artworks Bring Visual Dialogue to Central Station in Latest “Art in MTR” Exhibition

Hong Kong, China, March 20, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – “Factory Forward: JCCAC Arts@MTR” is a collection of exquisite artworks that celebrates the talent of the resident artists of the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC) in Shek Kip Mei. The art pieces range from an oil painting depicting footbridges juxtaposed with one another outside MTR Wong… Read More

Ruckus Networks Achieves FIPS Certification for Wireless Access Points

Hong Kong, China, March 18, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Compliance with security requirements offers government customers innovative wireless solutions to modernize networks Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, has announced it received Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 140-2 (FIPS PUB 140-2) certification for its wireless access points (APs). Compliance with the U.S. government security standard broadens the… Read More

Hong Kong creativity shines through as 13 teams shortlisted for JOS Innovation Awards 2018-19

Hong Kong, China, March 11, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Closed door learning and sharing session with JOS, Manulife, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group and Sino Group JOS, a technology solutions provider for Asia’s changing environment, and its partners, Manulife, Hong Kong Maxim’s Group[1] and Sino Group have announced the shortlisted teams in the annual JOS Innovation Awards.… Read More

Ruckus Launches Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi For Multi-site Organizations

Hong Kong, China, March 6, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi simplifies enterprise Wi-Fi deployment for “lean IT” organizations Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, today announced that Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, a cloud-managed Enterprise Wi-Fi solution is available in the Asia Pacific region. Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi allows network administrators to manage multiple locations through a single… Read More


Hong Kong, China, March 1, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – GEMINI JOINS THE BT RADIANZ CLOUD COMMUNITY Leading cryptocurrency exchange and custodian to leverage the resilience and global reach of the BT Radianz Cloud as it scales to meet institutional demand for cryptocurrencies trading BT today announced that leading cryptocurrency exchange and custodian Gemini Trust LLC (Gemini),… Read More

Thomas Cook India Group announces its acquisition of Digiphoto Entertainment Imaging (DEI) – one of the world’s leading imaging solutions and services providers

Hong Kong, China, February 27, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – #8226;Acquisition is PAT and free cash accretive from day one#8226;Marks Thomas Cook India Group’s entry into an adjacent sector, complementary to its travel travel related services portfolio Thomas Cook India Group, the leading integrated travel services group, has announced its acquisition of a 51% stake in Digiphoto… Read More

Unveiling the delectable: “U.S. CHAIRMAN’S RESERVE PORK TOMAHAWK” at Belgian Beerhouses FRITES

Hong Kong, China, February 26, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Unveiling the delectable: “U.S. CHAIRMAN’S RESERVE PORK TOMAHAWK” at Belgian Beerhouses FRITES Hong Kong 25th February 2019 – This March, dine at FRITES so you can taste the delectable new dish, the US Chairman’s Reserve Tomohawk. Staying true to its Belgian roots, the talented team of chefs… Read More

A Focus on Start-Ups: Rutronik24 Establishes Team to Support Innovative Companies

Hong Kong, China, February 21, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Rutronik24, the sales organization of Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemen-te GmbH, set up a dedicated team called #8222;BaseCamp“ to focus on start-ups, dealing exclusively with the needs and projects of young, innovative companies. In addition to supplying components, the team also offers comprehensive and individually tailored consulting services. To… Read More

Ruckus Introduces ICX 7850 Switch for 100GbE Edge-to-Core Networks

Hong Kong, China, February 21, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Enables multi-gigabit networks with pay-as-you-grow model suitable for education, government and enterprise environments Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, has announced the availability of its new ICX 7850 switch: an edge-to-core solution for the next decade of enterprise networking. Ruckus’ stackable ICX 7850 delivers high-density aggregation for 10GbE,… Read More

Autotalks and CEVA Collaborate on World’s First Global V2X Solution

Hong Kong, China, February 20, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Autotalks chipset leverages CEVA-XC SDR DSP to unify DSRC and C-V2X in a single solution, reducing development, integration and certification effort for global V2X deployment CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), the leading licensor of signal processing platforms and artificial intelligence processors for smarter, connected devices, and Autotalks, a… Read More

Connet Continues to Grow Asian Footprints with Expanded Vietnam Data Center Hub

Hong Kong, China, January 31, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Connet Continues to Grow Asian Footprints with Expanded Vietnam Data Center Hub Helps local enterprises gain access to global markets Leading global internet service and security solution provider Connet announced its plan to grow the Vietnam market with expanded data center hub. Vietnam has experienced some of… Read More

SolarWinds Announces Free Flow Tool Bundle, Designed to Streamline Complex Network Management

Hong Kong, China, January 31, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – New tools help technology professionals gain greater visibility into network infrastructure HONG KONG – January 31, 2019 – SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today unveiled SolarWinds#174; Flow Tool Bundle, a set of free analysis tools designed to quickly distribute, test,… Read More

Hong Kong accounting firms are quicker to adopt automation tools in daily practice

Hong Kong, China, January 29, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – 59.5% of locally-based firms are already using data automation apps compared to 25.8% in Singapore HONG KONG, 29 JANUARY 2019 – Xero, the global small business platform, released its annual Accounting Industry Report for 2019. The report sheds light on the best practices of pacesetting firms1 to… Read More

Valentine’s Menu from Belgian Beerhouse “FRITES”

Hong Kong, China, January 29, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Hong Kong January 23, 2019 – February the month of romance marks a special day, for you to shower your loved one. FRITES Belgian beerhouses will offer a delicious menu specially created for the occasion. Embark on a European-styled culinary journey that will leave your taste buds… Read More

具備卓越安全防護的Fortinet SD-WAN解決方案持續獲得市場增長

Hong Kong, China, January 28, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – 透過獨立測試、新客戶和應用案例,在單一整合方案體現出最佳保安和最佳SD-WAN的價值 香港 – 2019年1月16日 Fortinet產品及解決方案高級副總裁John Maddison表示:「以今天的保安威脅概況而言,無論在任何網絡部署的情況下,安全從來都是首要條件。Fortinet將最佳軟件定義廣域網絡(SD-WAN)功能整合至Fortinet下一代防火牆(next-generation firewall),並持續不斷地進行創新與優化,為客戶提供在直接互聯網連接時必需的先進威脅防護。我們把保安和SD-WAN功能緊密結合,簡化管理流程,確保更安全的部署和有助減低成本。愈來愈多企業已採用FortiGate Secure SD-WAN,相信客戶的需求與我們的目標方向一致。」 新聞摘要 網絡保安服務供應商Fortinet#174; (納斯達克:FTNT),提供領先全球的廣泛、全面和自動化網絡安全解決方案,今天公佈有關FortiGate Secure SD-WAN解決方案的最新客戶與合作夥伴名單、市場增長概況和它的獨立測試結果。 企業對於維護SD-WAN部署困難重重市場調查研究機構Gartner最近發佈了一份名#29234;《調查分析:解決保安和數碼問題以維持SD-WAN的快速增長》報告,詳述保安為何是WAN的首要考慮。該調查報告指出,客戶不斷追求更卓越的WAN性能和可視性,同時卻引伸出另一個重要的挑戰,就是保安問題。事實上, 72%的受訪者表示對於WAN而言,保安是他們最關注的問題。1 愈來愈多企業在他們的SD-WAN部署中採用直接互聯網連接,這將衍生很多安全問題,而資訊安全總監(CISO)更需密切介入,以確保任何SD-WAN部署順利運作。同時,很多SD-WAN供應商都不會為這些部署提供所需的先進保安功能。報告亦顯示,目前大部分SD-WAN供應商只支援基本功能,例如狀態防火牆和虛擬私人網絡(VPN),他們缺乏卓越的保安功能如入侵預防系#32479;、惡意軟件分析和沙盒,並只能依賴他們的網絡安全合作夥伴彌補不足。1 因此,很多企業都愈趨希望在WAN邊緣加入最佳的企業級保安防護,以提升他們的安全效能,亦透過減少供應商合作數目來降低成本。調查亦發現企業未來將會投放大量資源於互聯網出口網關保安(internet breakout security)。1 Fortinet提供真正安全的SD-WAN結合先進優越的保安功能,Fortinet的FortiGate Secure SD-WAN解決方案能將其他供應商的SD-WAN產品上整合在單一產品內。。在獨立測試的支援下,為客戶提供優質的語音和視像體驗、高虛擬私人網絡吞吐量(VPN throughput)和最高性價比。Fortinet所提供的SD-WAN功能由內部自主開發,並會整合於每個FortiGate下一代防火牆。特製保安處理器與來自FortiGuard Labs的威脅情報進一步確保安全是Fortinet SD-WAN解決方案的重要一環。 最近有關Fortinet SD-WAN的第三方亮點報導:#8226; Gartner廣域網絡邊緣(WAN Edge)基礎架構魔力象限報告:Fortinet在首個廣域網絡邊緣基礎架構魔力象限報告中,於挑戰者(Challengers)象限中,願景規劃完整性(completeness of vision)位列最前端。*#8226; 在Gartner Peer Insights獲得最多評論:截至2018年12月14日,在廣域網絡邊緣基礎架構的市場領域上,Fortinet於Gartner Peer Insights的所有網絡保安服務供應商中獲得最多評論。按此獲得更多資訊。#8226; NSS Labs SD-WAN推薦評級:在首個NSS Labs軟件定義廣域網絡測試報告中,Fortinet是唯一獲得 SD-WAN「推薦」評級的網絡保安服務供應商。 FortiGate Secure SD-WAN為企業提供最有效的保安防護:很多全球企業均採用FortiGate Secure SD-WAN,… Read More


Hong Kong, China, January 25, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – BT FIRST GLOBAL TELCO TO RECEIVE DOMESTIC TELECOMS LICENCES IN CHINA BT today announced that it has become the first international telecommunications company to receive nationwide licences from the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.The two ‘value added licences’, China nationwide Domestic IP-VPN licence and China… Read More

New “Art in MTR” Exhibition Brings an Artistic Sea of Blossoms to Central Station

Hong Kong, China, January 15, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – It is time to look forward to spring! For an early sight of the coming season, Entrance/Exit J of MTR Central Station is in full bloom with shades of pink and purple starting from today (15 January 2019) to 28 February 2019 with the latest “Art in… Read More

Top Chinese Brands Unveil Next-Gen Innovation at CES 2019

Hong Kong, China, January 9, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Top Chinese Brands Unveil Next-Gen Innovation at CES 2019 CES#174; 2019 officially opened yesterday, but the world’s largest innovation event was kicked off with preshow media events called Media Days on January 6 and 7. During the CES 2019 Media Days, several of China’s top tech companies… Read More

Children’s Visions of a Harmonious Community Raise Awareness on Poverty at latest “Art in MTR” Exhibition

Hong Kong, China, January 4, 2019 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Education on poverty awareness should start at a young age. More than 1,000 kindergarten and primary school students participated in a drawing competition for the “10.17 Fast-a-meal” campaign to raise public awareness on poverty alleviation. More than 20 winning paintings from the competition depicting children’s visions for… Read More

CA Technologies Named One of the 2018 World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute for the Third Year in a Row

Hong Kong, China, February 22, 2018 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – HONG KONG, 22 February, 2018 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) today announced that it has been recognized as a 2018 World’s Most Ethical Companies#174; for the third year in a row by the Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business… Read More

TÜV Rheinland Releases Wide-Ranging Study on Global Consumer Perception of Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Hong Kong, China, February 22, 2018 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Chinese motorists nearly twice as trusting of autonomous car technology as the United States and Germany; all expect improvement in road safety, yet want to be able to intervene at any time T#220;V Rheinland, a leading international testing service provider for quality and safety, today announced results… Read More

UWB/Bluetooth Low Energy module supports out-of-the-box advanced real time location applications potentially employing thousands of tags

Hong Kong, China, February 22, 2018 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Decawave UWB technology combines with Nordic’s nRF52832 Bluetooth LE solution to support prototyping, testing, and implementation of accurate, reliable Real Time Location Systems without the need for extensive RF expertise Nordic Semiconductor today announces that Decawave, a Dublin, Ireland-based fabless semiconductor company, has selected Nordic’s award-winning Bluetooth#174;… Read More

Rutronik aims for expansion in Asia, looks to hire on new talent

Hong Kong, China, February 8, 2018 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – New Rutronik employees can expect training sessions in Germany – but not too much German ‘seriousness’! Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH (Rutronik) is a well established player in Asia’s electronics supply chain. The company now has a total of seven sales offices across the region – three on… Read More

WeWork Fortifies 2018 Growth By Launching the Creator Awards To Energize Greater China’s Innovation Ecosystem

Hong Kong, China, February 6, 2018 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – WeWork Fortifies 2018 Growth By Launching the Creator Awards To Energize Greater China’s Innovation Ecosystem -Building on achievements and robust business momentum in Greater China, 2017 was also the biggest year in WeWork’s 7-year history -By the end of 2018, WeWork will be accelerating its development to… Read More

Adobe Named a Leader in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms

Hong Kong, China, February 6, 2018 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – Hong Kong — 25 January, 2018 — Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) announced it has been named by Gartner, Inc. as a Leader in the 2018 “Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms” research report1. This report evaluated 21 vendors, and Adobe was among four vendors in the Leaders quadrant,… Read More

EU General Data Protection Regulation Takes Effect in 2018 – Spotlight on Cyber-security Risks of Smart High-Tech Toys

Hong Kong, China, February 1, 2018 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – For the Christmas and New Year holidays that just went by, many parents purchased smart high-tech toys as gifts for their children. Parents from the Millennium generation are more likely to let their children spend more time on the screen than previous generations. Edutainment is now the… Read More

The Culture Connection Gets Real: Secure Software Development Requires a New Mindset

Hong Kong, China, February 1, 2018 /ChinaNewswire.com/ – HONG KONG, Jan 30, 2017 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) revealed results following the second phase of a global survey of more than 1,200 IT leaders around the topic of secure software development. Conducted by IT industry analyst firm Freeform Dynamics, the new report entitled, “Integrating Security into… Read More