China’s Velo, Didatuan Announce Integration

Chinese coupon provider Velo and group buying website announced via internal emails that the two companies have completed a formal integration. Sets Up E-commerce Lifestyle Services Department

Chinese B2C e-commerce website announced the formal launch of a new lifestyle department, which will be responsible for operating services such as mobile phone fee recharges, group discount platform, and tourism products.

China’s Reports Semi-annual Sales Of CNY1.916 Billion

Chinese group buying website published its latest sales statistics, claiming that the company achieved sales of CNY440 million in June 2012.

Internet Death Knell As Group Discount Buying Websites Merge In China, a Chinese group buying website, and, the joint venture between Tencent and Groupon, have reportedly completed their merger and integration, and the new company will be led by Lin Ning from Claims CNY1.476 Billion In Sales So Far In 2012, one of many Chinese group buying websites, has revealed its sales statistics for the first five months of 2012, stating that its overall sales reached CNY1.476 billion, and the company expected to realize profit by the end of the year. To Operate’s Group Buying Business

China’s and have jointly announced that has become the operator of’s group buying business.

China’s Claims Higher Sales Figures

Chinese group buying website has announced that its sales in March 2012 saw a record high of CNY301.587 million. Launches Internet Coupon Platform In China

Chinese Internet portal has launched a new coupon platform,, marking its latest online move following the unveiling of its recent lottery and insurance e-commerce businesses.

CNNIC: China’s Internet Group Buying Users Reached 42.2 Million

The China Internet Network Information Center has published a report on the activities of Chinese group buying users for 2011 in Beijing, stating that by June 2011, there were 42.2 million online group buying users in China, an increase of 125% compared with six months ago.’s Group Buying Business To Be Operated By

Chinese social networking site has announced that its group buying business, which it previously operated on its own, will transform to a third-party cooperation model.

Google Launches Group Buying Search Service In China

The world’s search engine giant Google has launched the group buying search service in China, marking its formal entry into the saturated Chinese e-commerce market.

China’s Develops Group Buying Internet Service With COFCO

Chinese lifestyle information website has launched a new collective buying product, which will first cooperate with owned by COFCO Group in providing group buying deals in Beijing.

Groupon, Tencent Establish

Jointly invested by Groupon, Tencent Collaboration Fund and Yunfeng Capital, the collective buying website has been launched in China.

Rumor: Groupon To Establish JV With Tencent In China

An insider from the Chinese Internet company Tencent has confirmed to the local media that the American collective buying website Groupon will establish a joint venture with Tencent to enter the Chinese market, and the CEO of the new company will be assigned by Tencent.

Rumor: Groupon Eyes Chinese E-commerce Market

Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen, vice president of Groupon, has reportedly revealed the company’s intention to enter the Chinese market.

KFC Makes Public Apology For Fake E-coupons In China

The top management of KFC has for the first time made a public apology to consumers in China for the fake e-coupon claims circulating in chatrooms.