China’s Tencent Invests USD1 Billion In E-commerce Subsidiary

Ma Huateng, chairman and chief executive officer of Tencent, has announced plans to invest USD1 billion in its independently operated e-commerce holding company.

China’s To Invest CNY300 Million To Support Developers, the Internet shopping subsidiary of the Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba, has announced that the year 2011 will be a year of openness for, and the company will cultivate third-party developers, enterprises and service providers in various sectors.

E-Commerce Fraud Forces Alibaba To Replace Internet Executives In China

The chief executive officer and chief operating officer of Chinese e-commerce behemoth Limited have resigned after the company admitted that about 100 of its own sales people were involved in allowing fraudulent storefronts on its international online marketplace.

China’s Alibaba Acquires Auctiva

Chinese e-commerce company has entered into an agreement to acquire Auctiva, a third-party developer of tools for eBay sellers., Yahoo Japan Reach Strategic Cooperation, the Chinese Internet shopping website owned by Alibaba Group, and Yahoo Japan, which is held by Japan’s Softbank Group, have reached a strategic cooperation deal.

China’s Produces New Front Page, the Internet auction and shopping website owned by the Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba, has launched a new streamlined homepage., MasterCard Reach Online Payment Deal For Greater China

Chinese third-party Internet payment platform has inked a cooperation deal with the international credit card organization MasterCard, to officially launch payment services with MasterCard in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Opens Statistics To Its Users’ Online Shopping Habits

Chinese Internet shopping and auction website has formally announced that it will open its statistics to the public for the first time. Launches E-commerce Rights Protection Platform

Chinese online auction website has launched an e-commerce rights protection platform with the approach of March 15, World Consumer Rights Day.

Alibaba’s Wholesale Website Welcomes 6.39 Million Traders On First Day

Chinese B2B e-commerce company has announced that its new online wholesale website,, was formally launched on March 9, 2010, and the wholesale traffic reached a whopping 6.39 million people on the first day.

Taobao Launches Online Public Welfare Channel

Chinese online auction website has formally launched a public welfare channel and a public welfare fund account., BOC Launch Joint Credit Card

Chinese Internet shopping website has announced that it has cooperated with its sister company and Bank of China in the launch of a joint-brand credit card.