Chinese server provider Sugon launched a new cloud computing storage product targeting enterprise users as part of the company’s strategic move towards small and medium-sized businesses.

Wang Zhengfu, chief operating officer of Sugon, said at the press conference that because of the explosive growth of “big data”, especially unstructured data, users’ demands for storage is ever growing, and the storage service has become one of the fastest growing services in the information technology investment sector. Therefore, Sugon has decided to invest in it.

Wang said that Sugon provides storage products in high-performance and backup storage sectors and it maintained a growth rate of about 50% over the past few years, which was much higher than the average increase rate of the industry.

In regards to Sugon’s new cloud storage product, Hui Runhai, Sugon’s storage product director, said that unlike the cloud storage products of other companies, Sugon’s new product will not support personal applications, and the cloud storage service mainly targets enterprise users as well as large industrial users.

So far, Sugon has developed many mature storage solutions, serving industries like education, government, photoelectric, and the Internet in China.

Founded in 1995, Sugon has become a major server products manufacturer and developer in China. Over the past few years, the company has deployed and supported the deployment of many computing centers around China, including a super computing center in Shanghai, a cloud computing center in Chengdu, an urban cloud computing center, and a super computing center in South China. The company is currently transforming into an information services and solutions provider.