Chinese search engine provider Baidu Inc. announced the appointment of Jin Yu as its new vice president for strategy.

In this role, Jin will be responsible for Baidu’s strategy management and related implementation and coordination. Jin will directly report to Robin Li, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu.

Baidu has been struggling with its year-to-date stock performance as the company’s daily closing share price is down more than 10% from the start of 2013, and down more than 15% from its highest point so far this year.

Local Chinese media reported that Jin will be responsible for distributing key strategies, planning strategic direction, and monitoring the implementation of those strategies. He will provide constructive comments on enterprise and investment strategies, while offering guidance and support to business development strategies for the search engine company.

Prior to joining Baidu, Jin was managing director for the research department of China International Capital Corporation Limited and his main duties were Internet and media industry research. Earlier than that, Jin worked for South Korea’s Daewoo, Japan’s NTT Docomo, and China’s ZTE, engaging in technical research and market development work.