EMC, JD.com Form Big Data Cloud Computing Strategic Cooperation In China

American cloud computing solutions provide EMC reached a strategic cooperation partnership with JD.com, the Chinese e-commerce website formerly known as 360buy.com.

China’s 360buy.com Unveils Digital Music Services

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com announced the launch of its new digital music zone, which is the company’s latest digital business following areas covering e-books, e-magazines, and multimedia books.

China’s 360buy.com Launches Overseas Service In Potential IPO Move

With an eye towards a potential overseas initial public offering, Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com has started the public beta testing of its English-language website, directly selling products to overseas buyers.

China’s 360buy.com Confirms Development Of Third-party Internet Advertising System

Privately-owned Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com confirmed that it is developing an open platform advertising system for third parties.

360Buy.com Adds More Delivery Options In Beijing For E-commerce Purchases

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com has formally started cooperating with the convenience store provider Good Neighbors to offer pick-up service in 13 Good Neighbors convenience stores in Beijing, covering Xicheng district and part of Haidian district.

WoW’s New Expansion To Be Available In Mainland China On October 2

Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase.com, the operator for World of Warcraft in mainland China, have jointly announced that Mists of Pandaria, the fourth expansion of World of Warcraft, will open in mainland China on October 2, 2012, realizing global synchronization for the first time.

360buy.com Offers Interest-free Loans To Employees

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com has announced plans to offer interest-free housing and car loans to employees, and the total amount available will reach several hundred million Renminbi.

China’s 360buy.com Publishes Latest Operating Statistics

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com has published its latest operating statistics, stating that by April 2012, the company had gained 40 million registered users and its order volume reached 400,000 each month in March and April this year.

Renren.com Announces Social Travel Website In China

Chinese social networking site operator Renren.com has announced the launch of a new social travel platform Fengche.com, which has already been running for a few months.

China’s 360buy.com Appoints First CFO

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com has announced its latest personnel change with the appointment of Chen Shengqiang, former vice president of finance, as its first chief financial officer.

360buy.com Opens E-book Service Today In China

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com launches its e-book platform later today, and the new service will be further expanded to mobile devices in the future.

Amazon Tries To Save Cash By Halting Free Deliveries In China

Amazon.cn, the Chinese branch of the American Internet retailer, has adjusted its delivery standards and will now charge a CNY5 delivery fee for any order under CNY29.

Former Oracle Global VP Joins 360buy.com

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com has announced that Wang Yaqing, former global vice president for Oracle, has joined the company to become its first chief technology officer.

360buy.com Inaugurates Pick-up Service Along Beijing’s Subway Lines

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com has launched a new pick-up service along subway lines in Beijing, covering 20 stations on Line 5 and Line 10.

NetEase.com Launches Internet Coupon Platform In China

Chinese Internet portal NetEase.com has launched a new coupon platform, Quan.163.com, marking its latest online move following the unveiling of its recent lottery and insurance e-commerce businesses.

360buy.com Finally Launching Luxury Retail Website In China

A representative from the Chinese B2C retail website has confirmed that the company plans to launch its luxury website Toplife.com in November 2011.

China’s 360buy.com Will Soon Hire 20,000 More Staff

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com has announced via its official microblog that it plans to recruit 20,000 new e-commerce talents in 2012 to meet the development demands of the company.

Newegg.com.cn Chases Rival 360buy.com With New Internet Payment Deal

Alipay.com, Alibaba’s third-party Internet payment subsidiary, and Newegg.com.cn, the Chinese branch of the U.S.-based Internet electronics and digital products retailer, have reportedly formed a strategic partnership.

Kaixin001.com’s Group Buying Business To Be Operated By Ftuan.com

Chinese social networking site Kaixin001.com has announced that its group buying business, which it previously operated on its own, will transform to a third-party cooperation model.

Alibaba’s Internet Payment Subsidiary Loses Online Retailer In China

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com has published a notice, stating that its cooperation with Alipay.com, the Internet payment subsidiary of Alibaba Group, expired on August 24, 2011, and the company will now stop the use of payment services at Alipay.com.

360buy.com Teams With Jointown To Explore Chinese Internet Medicine Sales

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com has reportedly invested in Beijing Haoyaoshi Pharmacy Chain Company, a subsidiary of Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Company Ltd.

360Buy.com Promises Chinese Writers Commissions On Book Sales

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com has announced that it has launched a campaign starting from June 1, 2011, to return 3% of its sales of books to the original writers.

China’s 360buy.com Launches Advance Refund Policy

Chinese electronics B2C provider 360buy.com has announced that it has cooperated with the China Consumers’ Association in setting up an advance refund security deposit system for consumers.

China’s 360buy.com To Set Up Open Platform

Chinese B2C e-commerce website 360buy.com plans to set up a third-party open platform to improve its services.

China’s 360buy.com To Acquire Apparel Shopping Website

Chinese electronics-oriented B2C website 360buy.com has reached an acquisition agreement with Qianxun.com, a Korean-style apparel and accessories Internet shopping website.