Is China Responsible For Hong Kong’s Cyber Attack Increase?

Hong Kong CybersecurityThe past year has seen both more civil unrest and more advanced cyber attacks in Hong Kong. Is there a … Boosts Content Marketing Reach In China is revolutionizing content marketing in China through the syndication of exclusive promotional content for lifestyle and travel businesses in China.

Yahoo China Will Shut Email Service In August

Yahoo China has sent an official email to its mailbox users, stating that the company will close its email service on August 19, 2013, and all user data will be temporarily taken over by Alibaba’s cloud-based service

Blizzard’s Hack Appears To Not Affect Chinese Gamers

Online game company Blizzard Entertainment Inc. says there was unauthorized access to some account information, but Chinese players appear unmolested.

China’s Launches URL Shortening Service

Chinese Internet portal has announced the launch of a new URL shortening service,

Google’s State-Sponsored Attack Warning To Chinese Internet Users Hits Anemic Roadblock

Google’s latest attempt to warn and protect Chinese Internet users reveals the company’s misunderstanding of how its services are accessed in China. Launches Internet Coupon Platform In China

Chinese Internet portal has launched a new coupon platform,, marking its latest online move following the unveiling of its recent lottery and insurance e-commerce businesses.

Nokia Will Shut Ovi Email Service In Mainland China

Nokia has announced that starting from August 19, 2011, it will terminate its Ovi email and chat room services on the Chinese mainland.

Sina Microblog, China Telecom Ink Deal

The microblog channel of and China Telecom have signed an agreement to implement a cooperation for products based on the microblog services at

Google Says Email Hacking Likely From China

Google says a likely phishing attack from Jinan has targeted hundreds of its Gmail email users.

China’s Boasts 360 Million Email Users

Chinese Internet company has recently announced that the number of its email users has reached 360 million, a net increase of 40 million from 320 million at the end of 2010.

Foreign Journalists In China Are Latest Email Hacking Victims

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China, an association based in Beijing comprised of journalists representing non-Chinese media, has issued an alert because some of its members have reportedly had their email accounts hacked.

It’s Official: Google Ends Search Service In Mainland China

Google is now redirecting users from its mainland China website to its Hong Kong website as “a sensible solution to the challenges” the company faces.

Do No Evil: Google Threatens To Leave China

Because some of its Gmail users’ accounts were supposedly hacked by attackers originating from China, Google has announced it may soon leave China.